J'adore Amour! (Nars Blush Review)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

You're going to think I am a wretched human being when I tell you how I came about buying this blush. Please don't think any less of me. I know it was awful. For Christmas, my Grandma got me a set of Ted Baker lipsticks. Really nice idea but the nudes washed me out and made me look dead and I just didn't want them. So... I sold them. On eBay. Yes, I am an awful granddaughter. I appreciated the efforts that she'd put in but I didn't want to keep lipsticks that made me look like I had the complexion of Voldemort. In the end, the lipsticks sold for £22 and so I bought something else of equal value from John Lewis with that money and for ages I'd really coveted Nars Orgasm. However, it wasn't in stock and after many online swatch searching I decided Nars' Amour looked a really nice colour - scary in the pan but lovely on the cheeks.

It arrived super quickly (praise John Lewis' click and collect!) and I was blown away with how small it was for the price I paid. I had never had a Nars blush before - they'd always been too expensive for me sadly - and I thought I was going to get a bit more bang for my buck. Nevertheless, the colour pay off is really beautiful. As you can see, this blush is matte and a dark pink in the pan which makes it look utterly terrifying. Nars describe this as a 'peachy pink'. I wouldn't say that it was very peachy but when you swatch it you can definitely see some peach tones in it which soften it and make it easier to wear.

Pigmentation wise; this blush is extraordinary! I use a very light hand when applying this in fear of looking clown like but it is very easy to blend out. I wouldn't say this blush had a very buttery consistency - it's definitely more fine - but it is very easy to blend and the consistency is still soft and looks like a natural flush on the cheeks. The colour lasts on my cheeks all day and I have had a few compliments on it since I've been wearing it which is something that I always like. As you can see from the pictures, the packaging does get pretty dirty. I'd had it only a few days when that picture was taken! That is the same with all Nars products though!

Amour isn't a very well-known Nars shade unlike Orgasm and Deep Throat but it's a shade that I personally really like. So here is my rundown:

Score out of 10 overall: 9/10. Would be 10 if it was slightly bigger.
Would I buy more/buy it again?: I certainly want to add more Nars blushes to my collection - especially Orgasm, Deep Throat, Sin and Seduction.
Was it worth the money/would I pay full price?: Yes & no. If we're talking about size then no but if you are talking about quality of product then yes.
Hate, like or love? Love!

You can buy Nars Amour from the Nars Website, John Lewis and eBay!

What's On My Phone?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hey guys! I have been wanting to make a post like this for a while and I figured I should make it just to break up all the reviews I've been bombarding you with of late (there's more to come - a Nars blush review, a Tarte blush review and I have some Benefit stuff coming in the post which may excite you!). So, this is what is on my iPhone! I have a blue, 32GB iPhone 5c which I have had for about a year so it's not new or anything - I just wanted to share!

First up - my phone case! My dad got me this for Christmas and it is a Taylor Swift 1989 case - as you may know by now that I am obsessed with Taylor and her music and have been since I was 13 so a great present from my dad. I think he got it from Amazon but you can get them anywhere as I am sure they are not to hard to track down if you are a Swift fan like myself. 

Hardly suprising but my most used folder on my phone is my shopping folder (named purse emoji, money emoji) which has 2 whole pages of shops that I regularly browse. eBay is actually my most used app on this first page because it is where I get most of my high end make up from as it is so much cheaper. I also really like the ASOS app - not only do they stock some great clothes but they also have Benefit, Nars and Too Faced all on there so I love to browse and wish I could afford everything. On the second page I love UNiDAYS. I am not yet at uni but our sixth form offers us students discounts - 10% off BooHoo, ASOS, Topshop & Urban Outfitters as well as many more! 

As for games, I don't play many! I have 6 actually. Temple Run 2 and Crossy Road are my favourites! I lose interest in games really quickly but I do enjoy a game of Crossy Road. I lost interest really quickly with the Kardashian game and Plauge Inc. and I haven't deleted Flappy Bird because I have reason to believe it's been taken off the app store and I don't want to risk not having it! My games folder is titled with a games controlled emoji. Some of my folders are named after emojis but quite a lot aren't!

As for TV and Radio the only app I use on here is Netflix and occasionally the iPlayer. I use Netflix app to stream things via my Chromecast to the TV and sometimes at school I watch episodes of The Office if I get really bored! TV Catchup is a good app though - it lets you watch TV shows live as if your phone was a TV! I sometimes put this on in the bath if there's a TV program on that I really want to watch!

Last but not least on my phone you can find selfies and a hell of a lot of them. This is one that I took with my cat earlier. I also instagrammed this one! I am a fan of the old selfie - even if most of the selfies I take end up deleted and only the select few make it to Instagram!

So, that is a few things that are on my phone! What about you? What do you have on your phone?

MAC Kinky - My make up collection just got a little kinkier!

Monday, 12 January 2015


First and foremost, I just want to point out how hard it is to take pictures of a lipstick while it's on the floor when you are using a camera with a bulky lens. I am not really happy with how the picture of the actual lipstick turned out so I am sorry about that. You guys don't mind though - right?!

MAC launched a new range based on the musical Kinky Boots earlier last month. I have not seen any hype at all about this range and when I was thinking of buying this lipstick I tried to google for reviews on this lipstick and found very little which was disappointing and unexpected. I only found out about this collection through my email. Anyway, I love red lipsticks and I didn't own a red lipstick from MAC - surely a crime?! - so I decided that when I got paid I'd invest. I went for Kinky over Ruby Woo because I had heard Ruby Woo was very drying on the lips and Kinky, although a matte, is not a retro matte. So, I just went for it. I took the bull by the horns. YOLO.

I ordered this online and it came the next day (didn't even pay for next day delivery!) so I was pretty impressed with that. I'm not even going to talk packaging because all MAC lipsticks are generally the same packaging although I did want to point out that even though this is part of a limited edition collection/collaboration these lipsticks do not have a special packaging unlike some other lipsticks have had in the past eg. the Maleficent collection. The formula of this lipstick is matte and I would describe this as a classic, Taylor Swift red. It will suit practically anyone. 

For a matte, it's not drying on the lips at all. I didn't prep my lips before applying. I slapped it on quickly when it arrived in the post. It has excellent colour pay-off; one swipe on the lips gives a nice opaque finish. It's a very wearable red despite being bright. It's very classic - I can't see it going out of fashion... ever. I have seen that a lot of people have compared this to Ruby Woo but brighter and less drying. 

I personally love this colour - it's a shame it's not permanent because I am going to be rationing this like hell. I never want it to run out. And the name! I just love the name! Overall, a good buy and I am very impressed! Sorry for the inundation of reviews at the moment (there's more to come as well!) but I have just been buying products in sales and I've been paid recently so obviously devoting all my paycheck to buying make up. 

Review: Naked Flushed

Saturday, 10 January 2015

This year I told myself I wouldn't get involved in the Boxing Day beauty sales because I was going shopping the following Sunday and I didn't want to spend too much money but of course I am constantly tempted with various online offers and Feel Unique had Urban Decay's Naked Flushed for £16.50 which is quite a sizeable reduction in price from the £22 it usually is. I added it to my basket and ordered it right away because it's something I have been coveting for a while. I got the shade 'Native' because it seemed the best match for my skin from the reviews I have read and I obviously didn't want to look too ridiculous.

My first impression from the packaging was that it was very compact. It was smaller than my phone (iPhone 5c for those wondering) in length and only slightly wider. The text on the front is raised up and shiny gold and I actually thought that it looks more expensive than Naked 2 and 3 and more on the packaging level of the original palette (even though it's not felt, it's hard plastic). I love the packaging for Naked Flushed. It's very sleek and easy to fit in your handbag and quite often I stay at my dad's house and taking a separate bronzer, highlighter and blush is sometimes quite ridiculous so Naked Flushed puts those 3 together and in a really compact way.

Now onto the bronzer. This bronzer is really nice and I really like it. It's not matte but the shimmer in the powder is really fine and you barely notice it which makes the bronzer very good to contour with as well although I still do prefer Benefit's Hoola for contour purposes. I will say this though - and this is a recurring theme - the bronzer is exceptionally pigmented. You need a light hand or you risk looking like you have two large brown stains on either side of your face. I use the Real Techniques contour brush to apply this and I lightly dust the bronzer under my cheekbones and then intensely blend it out. Pigmentation is obviously a good thing but can look strange and blotchy with a heavy hand.

The highlighter is really nice. Similar to the bronzer, it is extremely pigmented and a light hand is needed to dust this on the top of your cheek bones. It's not too obvious when you have it on and just provides a light shimmer to the cheekbones with is flattering and doesn't make you look shiny. It is a very shimmery highlighter and therefore catches the sun really nicely I find. It's nice for everyday but you could definitely put more on and turn it into a night time look. I am a loser and therefore don't really go out at night so I wouldn't know but you could definitely try it!

The blush is just your average pink blush. Nice colour and very pigmented but nothing that bowled me over with how beautiful it is. I will use it quite often because it gives a nice pink flush to the cheeks. I sound like a stuck record but it's so pigmented so if you use a heavy hand with this blush you are at risk of looking like a clown. However, when blended, a light dusting is very flattering and very sweet and unadventurous (so just up my street!) and I find it a really pleasant. 

Overall, this trio is great for travel and touch ups on the go due to it's compact packaging and the large mirror and the shades are very flattering to my skin tone but if you smudge this on with a heavy hand then you're going to look like you ran away from the circus. It was definitely worth the £16.50 and I would have eventually bought it at full price as I was coveting it and I wouldn't have been disappointed if I'd bought it for £22 either. If you're fairer/darker skinned than I am then I urge you to check out other shades of the palette (there's 4 overall) because Native may not be the one for you but I am light/medium and I find all the shades very flattering and pretty.

My Lush Skin Saviours

Monday, 5 January 2015

My skin has been a mess recently; there's no two ways about it. Late nights have led to taking my make up off with just a wipe and forgoing my evening skin routine. Christmas has led to chocolate for breakfast and crisps whenever I fancy and more trips to McDonalds than I'd care to count. There are always 2 items from Lush that always seem to help prevent spots and blemishes from appearing from my skin and I never really knew their value until I stopped using them regularly this last week or so. These do not cure spots - they don't make them go away and they don't stop you getting the odd one but they do help tame breakouts and keep my skin feeling calm and happy. 

The Tea Tree Toner Water is £3.95 for a small bottle (and a small bottle is all you really need!). I'm sure you all know how toners work. I apply this to my skin after cleansing. What I like about the Lush toner waters is that they have a squirty top meaning that you can apply 2-3 squirts to your face directly and then I just pat with a towel or my hands to dry. I don't ever rub as this can remove toner water and irritate the skin. Because this water contains tea tree - an ingredient known for being tough on spots but gentle on your skin - it prevents break outs and keeps your skin happy, healthy and harm free!

One of the first Lush products I ever tried was Mask of Magnaminty. This mask feels lovely, smells lovely and does lovely things to your skin. It smells like mint - if you hadn't already guessed from the name - which is very refreshing and cooling on the skin and it's self preserving which is a huge bonus for me because it means I can keep it in my bathroom and not in the fridge! It has a thick texture but it is thinner than some of the fresh face masks and it really helps to curb those break outs. I flit between using this mask and another minty favourite Cupcake which both do similar things but Magnaminty lasts longer so I tend to prefer to buy that one. 

Alone, these products are great but together they truly are a dream team for fighting spots. If you have skin that is prone to break out I suggest a trip to your local Lush store. These products are inexpensive and really work!

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