WORTH THE HYPE?! || Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Buying a high end foundation when on a student budget like me is a huge commitment, so I am going to make this review as detailed as possible, with before and after side by sides, shade advice and anything else you could possibly need to know before setting out to buy this foundation. By this introduction, you have probably guessed that I think this foundation is worth the hype. I really like it. I had been coveting it for ages because I have seen so many people rave about it on the internet. My nearest Nars counter is about a 45 minute drive away from home and it wasn't something I was going to buy over the internet so my friend and I set a date and we went up to Bath for a shopping trip.

As we are only students and maybe not the savviest or most stylish of people, we were worried about being looked down on by scary sales ladies (as I have been in the past by MAC employees!) but the lady who served us in Nars was really lovely - she was helpful with helping us get colour matched and wasn't frosty with us in the slightest. She did try and flog us the Radiant Creamy Concealer - and I was tempted - but she was helpful, polite and kind. Wish the ladies at Benefit later that day had the same attitude to sales!

The shade I was matched to was "Gobi" (Light3) which is a pretty good colour match. It's very yellow toned. If you are going to buy this, don't just guess your colour by using findation.com or something. Findation thought I would be "Mount Blanc" which I wasn't. I suggest getting matched at a counter. There's 20 shades to choose from and online swatches aren't always that clear and can be misleading. Sheer Glow is expensive at £31 - don't waste that money on a foundation you can't use!

Don't let the name fool you - there is nothing sheer about Sheer Glow. It gives a medium coverage which is build-able but looks very natural - almost like a second skin. The dewiness of the foundation gives you that "glow from within" look that everyone seems to be loving and I find that it looks gorgeous once you warm up your complexion with a light, matte bronzer. I like the dewiness of the foundation because I have fairly normal skin but if you are a particularly oily lady you might want to go for Sheer Matte instead. I still set this foundation with a powder on my t-zone though. I use Soap & Glory's One Heck Of A Blot just to stop the foundation from slipping. Below is my face before I apply this foundation and after; excuse the blemishes and slight scarring!

My only bug-bear with this foundation is the bug-bear everyone woman who owns this foundation has. THERE. IS. NOT. A. PUMP. Irritatingly, Nars think that it's perfectly fine to charge you £31 for a foundation and then an additional £3 for a pump. They seem to have learned their lesson with their newest foundation and included a pump with that one! But Sheer Glow comes pumpless. The day after I bought it I searched online for a pump. Don't buy it from Nars - they think it's acceptable to charge £7 postage making the pump £10. Umm... no Nars! John Lewis do the pump for £3 and you can Click and Collect to your local Waitrose meaning next day delivery and no postage! Yeah! 

Packaging wise, this foundation is very sleek in its fancy glass bottle and matte black lid. It feels expensive (because it is) when you hold it and doesn't it make you look fancy to have a high end foundation! There just isn't a pump. Yeah, I'm still a little bitter about that. The lid also doesn't fit on the foundation once you put a pump on. It's badly designed. It's also very heavy. I wouldn't travel with it. I'd much rather travel with my trusty Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum as it's in a plastic bottle and feels much more safe.

Nars market the foundation for dry skin but I would be wary trying it if I had dry skin. I have pretty normal skin - sometimes gets a little oily on my t-zone - but I had a small dry patch around my healing blemishes. The foundation definitely clung to those. But that doesn't bother me in the slightest as I don't have dry skin. My best friend bought Sheer Glow at the same time as I did, though, and she has extremely dry skin and she says she can't use it on particularly dry days. I'm sure it would be 100% fine if you moisturised and you didn't have severe dry skin.

Overall, I think this foundation is worth the hype. I love the finish, the coverage and pretty much everything about it. Apart from the pump. If you want a medium coverage foundation that has a gorgeous dewy finish then you should definitely try this foundation. I think it's good for pretty much any skin type - just moisturise if you're dry and use a good powder if you are oily!

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below! Oh, and if you haven't entered my giveaway to win a Naked palette yet then why the hell not?! Check it out here!

WORTH THE HYPE?! || Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Hey guys, 

Sorry I was MIA on Sunday. I haven't been feeling very well recently and I managed to pull myself out of bed and grab my laptop so I could put together a quick post for you guys on something I was super excited to try: the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes. These babies - sort of - landed in the UK a few months ago but that is not how I got my hands on them. The Tarte UK stuff is shocking. There's a poor range of colours, most things are only available in sets with brushes which bumps the price up considerably and it makes me shake with rage because everyone and their dog seems to love this brand and I can never get my hands on their items!

So how did I acquire this I hear you cry! Not some expensive trip to New York and a mooch round Sephora if that's what you were hoping for. Nope, I bought this blush in the sleepy county of Dorset on my sofa after an intense eBay bidding war. I got this for £12 and I believe it is a mini - kind of irritated it wasn't advertised as that but hey ho - for £12 I'm not complaining! I got the shade 'Dollface'. I'm a fan of a light pink flush to the cheeks so I decided it would be a worthy investment.

This is not what I was expecting. I love the packaging. It's so cute and I love the pattern on the actual product inside but it feels very unsafe in the pan. When I swirl my brush in it the whole thing moves. I have heard that these are easy to depot and I can see why. It makes me nervous.... I'm not 100% sure why but if travelling I don't take this with me (I take my trusty Naked Flushed) because I worry for its safety. I don't know whether this is me being overly cautious or what but it just makes me uncomfortable.

On to the actual product - the blush is nice. It doesn't bowl me over with it's overwhelming beauty - it's no Nars Orgasm - but it's a nice baby pink flush to the cheeks which is natural and warms up your complexion considerably. As for texture, it's very fine. I was expecting these to be more buttery but they're not buttery at all. It's not unpleasant or difficult to work with it's just different to what I imagined. It claims to have 12 hour staying power and as someone who generally does wear her make up for 12 hours a day because of school etc, I found that they last about 8 hours before a touch up is needed. When I got home from school I found the colour was fading. Pretty good staying power if you ask me!

So, are these worth the hype? People like Essiebutton have raved about these to the moon and back but I just think they're average. I love the cute packaging and the product is good but compared to other brands like Nars and even MAC, I don't find this blush as nice. I have only tried one of these however and the others might be different but UK ladies - if you want one of these desperately I wouldn't pay the crazy prices on QVC because they're not worth it. Try eBay or get a kind American friend to do you a solid and ship one over. It's a nice blush but I wouldn't say it was worth all the hype it is getting.

Hope you enjoyed my review. I try and put up a post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday so stay tuned.

Chloe xx 

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