Building Up A MAC Pro Palette! {PART 1!}

Sunday, 19 April 2015

For the longest time, I've wanted a MAC Pro Palette. Ever since I started getting into make up, watching videos and reading blogs about make up, I have wanted to start one of these palettes. Unfortunately, at £10 a shadow, money wasn't on my side. But finally I bit the bullet and went for it. I purchased a pro palette and 5 shadows to go with it. I decided to do this post in 3 parts so you guys could see the process of me building up the palette. This way I figured I could go more in depth into the shadows I picked and why I picked them. The palette itself was £12 and I purchased it from the MAC website. At the same time I bought the insert which was an extra £2.50. At the same time I also bought Satin Taupe which was £10. 

Okay. I know the layout seems weird but I have an in depth plan of where I want each shadow to go when I get it because I am extremely anal and obsessive organised. I don't have a MAC counter near where I live really so I am relying on online swatches and John Lewis Click & Collect to build up this palette. I have watched probably about 200 'what's in my MAC palette?!' videos over the past 3 weeks deciding what colours I should get and where they should go. It's still subject to change because I was looking at my list the other day and was thinking to myself 'do I really need all these highlight shades? Like, I know they're pretty but seriously!' so that's why they're in a weird order and it's all gappy. It makes sense to me. I promise. 

Name: Shroom
Finish: Satin
Pigmentation: 7/10

Okay, this is Shroom. In the pan this looks quite peachy but swatched and on the lid it's not very peachy at all. It's an off-white with shimmer. MAC say this is a satin but it is very shimmery so I would say it was more frost-like but with less pigmentation because it is quite shimmery. It is a gorgeous inner-corner highlight and also looks really nice on the brow bone. It's a really gorgeous colour. Unfortunately, the swatches for this colour (which will be below) didn't come off very well so I'm sorry about that. Google swatches though and you will find some. This is a well-known highlight from MAC and I think it's very beautiful. 

Name: Wedge
Finish: Matte
Pigmentation: 10/10

This is Wedge. Wedge is a beautiful, matte, warm, muted brown. It's an amazing transition colour. It's easy to work with, highly pigmented and really deepens the crease. It works really well with Patina. Wedge is just a nice everyday crease colour that has become a staple in my make up routine. I really love it and if you love easy to work with browns then this baby is the one for you. It's 100% a 'MAC Best Friend' colour. 

Name: Satin Taupe
Finish: Frost
Pigmentation: 10/10

This is the first one I bought purely because of its cult-classic standing in the blogger world. Everyone and their dog has Satin Taupe and I wanted to join in the party. I am not disappointed. I adore this shade. The pigmentation is incredible, it's so easy to work with and it's lovely in the crease for an everyday look or all over the lid for a night-look. It see why it's so popular. I think it's gorgeous and if you don't have it... you need it!

Name: Patina
Finish: Frost
Pigmentation: 10/10

HOLY GRAIL ALERT! This shade is stunning! I have been wearing it everyday with Wedge in the crease and I love it. It's a brown with gold shimmer which sounds boring - and it might be to some people - but it just looks so nice. I can't explain how it makes my eye look. Just get this. If you love neutral eyeshadow then you need this in your life. I just. I can't, guys. I just can't.

Name: Sumptuous Olive
Finish: Frost
Pigmentation: 10/10

Woah. A colour. I must be growing up. Sumptuous Olive is a muted green with gold shimmer. It's a very pretty colour. It's not been a staple in my make up routine recently but I am trying to find a way to make this colour work for me. It's so pigmented, gorgeous and it's a nice way of getting colour onto your lid if you're scared of colour like I am. I think I will get wear out of this, even though it won't be daily. It really compliments my eyes and brings out the green in them and I think if you have brown eyes you need this shade!

F-B: Shroom, Wedge, Satin Taupe, Patina, Sumptuous Olive
So, here are all the shades I have and a brief description of them! I hope this was useful to you guys and that you like the idea of a 3 part series on my palette. I'll see you when I have 10 shadows! 

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