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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

... and for someone without a ring on her finger, I sure do have a lot of stuff pinned on my wedding board. (Johnny's seen the board and he thinks it's adorable - not crazy!)

In all seriousness, I have joined the world of Pinterest. So if you want to delve into my mind (that sounds invasive) and see what I want my dream home, wedding and make up collection to look like, as well as what I'd like my study notes to look like, then do check it out! I find looking at people's Pinterests so interesting! 

You can find my Pinterest Boards by clicking here!


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Every girl loves a bit of glow. We can't help it. It's in our genes. We love to sparkle. And hey, it's not just girls! Even guys like a little bit of glitter! Sometimes my boyfriend gets slightly mesmerised by the radiance of my cheekbones... Secretly, we are all magpies. Because of this, I am always attracted to really glittery, shiny highlighters. And this is why 'Owls' by Louise Young is really an odd highlighter to be my favourite. 

I didn't know much about Louise Young so I decided to do some research. Louise is a make-up artist and in 2007 launched her own brushes and now does luxury make-up as well. They stock Louise Young on BeautyBay and I just threw this highlighter in my basket on a whim when sales shopping the other day. It claimed to be a "versatile highlighter to use on cheeks and eyes" which spoke to me. On BeautyBay, 'Owls' is £16 but on Louise Young's website it's only £14. 

When I first opened it up and swatched it, I was a little disappointed. The pan was smaller than I expected (read sizes of things before you buy them, Chloe!!) and it wasn't glittery at all. On the back of my hand it just kinda looked like a banana eye-shadow with a little bit of sheen. Disheartened, I still applied it to my face and used a Morphe fan brush to do this. I saw no real difference, shrugged, mourned the loss of my £16 and moved on with my life.

But then I realised I shouldn't give up that easily. The next day I went in with a bit of a heavier hand with a denser brush - an angled contour brush from Crown. And oh my word, was I surprised. The sheen on my cheekbones was gorgeous. I did the highlighter-head-tilt so many times in the mirror, excited by the light that this was now catching. 

It's not an over the top highlight. It's subtle but it makes you look like you're naturally glowing. It really gives you that lit from within look and works especially well to liven up matte foundation. It also looks really nice if you have a blush or bronzer that's slightly glittery and you don't want to overdo the glitter. Above are swatches and pictures, but if you want to see me unbox it, you can watch my vlog from that day, which I will include below! 

If you're looking to expand your make up collection with a subtle but beautiful highlighter shade, then I highly recommend Owls. It's just beautiful; it blends like a dream and it makes you look like you have the natural complexion of Kate Middleton. It's my new Ride or Die highlighter/holy grail/bible beauty product. I highly recommend it!


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

It's getting to that time of year again. It's the time of year where, if you're studying GCSEs or A Levels, your teachers are telling you that it's 'time to start revising' and 'exam season is just around the corner.' You might have an offer from your favourite uni and be stressing already about getting the grades. You might need a certain amount of GCSEs to get into the Sixth Form College of your dreams or enough to be able to take on your #1 BTEC choice. I've been there. I know what it's like.

As readers of my blog will know, I'm currently at university. I passed my A Levels with an A and 3 Bs in June 2016 and I got into my first choice university to do Politics BA which was Queen Mary University of London, where I currently study. Some of you might not think it, but I scraped those grades. But, if I'd had this hack, I think I would've done a lot better. It's like cheating, but cheating that won't get you thrown out of the exam and doesn't involve "writing on your hands or arms".

I have collaborated with Audiopi for this post - an online podcast service which aims to help you ace all your exams. They kindly gave me access to some of their History podcasts on Italian History and the Late Tudor Period, so I could suss them out and let you guys know what they're all about. 

So, you can go onto the website and search your subject. It has a really handy tool where you can search by exam board, which I really like, so whether you're AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, Whatever - you can find content that's made for your course! And, even if you're not studying these subjects, they're still really interesting! I am especially finding the Italian podcast interesting - the rise of Mussolini and the shift to fascism during the 20th century in Italy is fascinating, and makes you wonder if history will repeat itself with Trump!

You can either subscribe to a podcast for £14.99 (well worth it if your future is a stake!) or buy individual ones for £1.99 each, which is so reasonable as you're effectively getting an entire education. The quality of writers who write the podcasts are phenomenal and the service has had approval from professors from universities like Durham and Oxford.

I had a really bad history teacher in Year 12. I loved him, I really did, but he was pants. Because of his poor teaching, most of the class came out with Ds and Es at AS, me included. If I'd had this service then, I probably would've done a lot better. Luckily, re-takes are a woman's best friend. If you have a shockingly bad teacher (Mr Lake, I loved you, but you were quite bad) then you need this - no question about it!

Audiopi is so easy to use! You just log in and all your subscriptions are there. Clips average from 10-15 minutes long and are written by historians, professors and experts! And, it's not just for history students! Audiopi has English Literature podcasts to Biology podcasts! It's really for everyone! And hey, if they want to expand and do a podcast on British politics, I'll happily write one!

And luckily for you guys, I have a discount code! You can get a whopping 10% off your podcasts and subscriptions by using the code blogger at the checkout! Don't just pass your exams - ace them! I wish I'd had this tool when I was doing my A Levels - I might be at Oxford or Cambridge now if I had! (Maybe not, but I'd probably have got As not Bs!)

Head over to Audiopi by clicking here!

*Disclaimer: While this post is in collaboration with a brand, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 


Monday, 9 January 2017

Blog friends, meet my boyfriend!

Last December (2015) (the 12th to be exact), this guy took me on a date and the rest is history. A year (and a bit) later, he has become my best friend and my partner in crime and I thought it was time you 'met' him!

So, I've taken a few questions from the famous Boyfriend Tag, and I will be answering them so you can get to know Johnny!

When/where did we meet?

Johnny and I met when we were both working at ASDA. We actually knew each other for a year and were good friends for several months before I got wasted and made out with him at work's Christmas do made my move. I don't work at ASDA anymore as I left when I moved to uni but Johnny still does as the security guard, although he's planning on leaving this year when he moves to London!

When did he meet my parents?

Johnny met my parents separately as they are divorced. He met my mum on Boxing Day 2015, which was actually quite soon after we got together! I'm now convinced my mum loves him more than she loves me! He met my dad a little later - probably mid-January 2016. 

Where/when was our first kiss?

I don't actually remember our first, first kiss as I was drunk but I remember first kissing him in the back seat of his best friend's Polo, while 3 other people were in the car too. So romantic lol. I literally grabbed his face and kissed him. Alcohol gives me so much bloody confidence!

Who said “I love you” first?

I said it first. It was April time and we were having a fight, which I won't go into detail about. He was accusing me of not caring about him and I just replied with "how dare you think I don't care; I love you for Christ's sake!" Again, sooo romantic! I'd been trying to think for like 3 weeks before that how to say it and then it just slipped out while we were fighting. He said it back once we made up, don't worry...

Where was our first date?

It was in a pub called The Crown in a village called Marnhull. I had pork belly and Jonathan, the country gent, had pheasant. He paid for me, bless his little heart, and that little lunch out was the start of something absolutely fantastic. 

So yeah, that's all really. Johnny made 2016 the happiest year of my life. We went on two holidays together, made the decision to move in together (coming soon...) and are now doing kinda long distance, which is hard but rewarding. 

Tell me about your S.O in the comments! How did you meet?

Illamasqua Sale Haul: What I Got For £27!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Over the Christmas period, Illamasqua had an incredible sale on and on New Years' Eve I had a bit of a #TreatYoSelf moment, and decided to just go and order some of the items that were advertised as more than 50% off. This is my first time shopping at Illamasqua, and these are the first products I've had from them, but I've heard good things and my order only came to £27 with free shipping and I managed to get my paws on an eyeshadow quad called 'Demise', a dolly-pink blush called 'Dulcet' and a smoked purple eyeliner called 'Seize'. 

I've tried out each product once, so I will give you a brief review. If you want to watch a vlog-style unboxing, you can below. My YouTube channel is Chloe Of Course, so you can always find me on there. 

The quad is okay. It's not really my most favourite quad ever, - even though the colours in it are so me. My favourite by far is the deep red shade and I can see myself reaching for that quite a lot. The navy shade comes out as more of a grey (see video for swatches) which is kind of disappointing, but the pigmentation is good and it still makes a nice crease/outer-corner colour for more dramatic looks. The white is nice. It has a gold sheen to it which is subtle but makes highlighting easy, which I really like. The top shimmery colour is a gel formula and it's the most disappointing in the quad. It's pigmentation is shocking, the formula feels odd on my eye and it's quite sticky. I didn't realise it was gel when I bought it, but in the pan it's so gorgeous. I'm so sad that that doesn't translate onto the eye.

The blush is probably my favourite of the whole order. It's a dolly-pink with chunky micro glitter which I really like and it leaves a lovely pink sheen on the cheeks which I think is perfect for spring time. It's VERY pigmented, and it also kicks up a lot when you put your brush in, so light strokes and a lot of tapping off the excess are the key to success when using Dulcet. For what I paid, I'm very impressed and it looks beautiful on the face, despite looking a little lack-lustre in the pan.

Finally, we have the smoked purple eyeliner. Beautiful on the waterline. It adds a lovely pop of colour to a look and I really love it. On my brown eyes it's very flattering and it doesn't budge. For a wooden eyeliner pencil, it doesn't tug at all and the formula is so creamy and wonderful. I am obsessed with it. I really am. 

Overall, for what I paid, I am impressed. While the eyeshadow quad is somewhat disappointing, it won't stop me from trying out Illamasqua products again. I love the packaging and the chic-ness of the brand, so I will definitely be trying some more products from their range!

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