DISAPPOINTING PRODUCTS || Things That Are Just Godawful

Thursday, 30 March 2017

I bought these products with the best intentions and I really wanted them to work for me - either I had heard great things on the internet or they'd swatched really well in store. However, sometimes, as in life, things are just not meant to be. And this was the case with these products. I have tried them in many ways but they've sadly never done it for me. And I'm going to tell you why.

First up is this cream contour palette from NYX. This is just bad. The contour shade is the best of all three, but the textures of all the products are waxy and greasy and do not blend without dissolving your foundation, and are not strong enough at all to be worn under. They kind of sit on your skin like a goopy, patchy mess and are not at all flattering. In a way, I'm kind of biased, because I really am not  a fan of cream products (apart from Topshop cream blushes which are amazing) but I especially hate these. As you can see by the swatches above they are patchy and ugly. I just have no good things to say about this product. What a mess.

This particular Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush is not my favourite. It is the shade 'Dollface' and all I can say is that it's just not pigmented in the slightest. The texture is stiff and it is not easy to pick up. Again, this is a product I wanted to love so badly. It was something I'd coveted for ages due to internet hype but it's just not something I reach for at all. It now lives in my rose gold No7 box where products go to die. When I get enough pigment on the brush to actually apply this blush to my face it's really beautiful. But that's not often and there are so many other blushes that I adore far, far more. Sorry, Tarte.

This Kiko lipstick was part of a limited edition collection for Valentine's Day. I really wanted to love this because the bullet is heart-shaped. Yes, heart shaped!!! The packaging is so cute as well, and the shade is gorgeous swatched. However, the shape of the bullet makes it really hard to apply and when you do apply it, it's really patchy. I know colours like this are really hard not to get patchy, but it just looks really terrible on my lips. Even with a lip brush it comes off patchy and weird looking. I usually love Kiko products and rave about them, but this lipstick did nothing for me. I'm going to keep it around though for its novelty factor. I love how cute it looks.

Just because these products didn't work for me, doesn't mean they're all-round bad products. Have you tried any of these? Do they work for you?

My Favourite Cool-Toned Lip || MAC Stone

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cool-toned brown lips have been my jam this month and it's all been thanks to this bad boy. Stone is probably the most risky lip colour I've ever bought from MAC but I think it's quite possibly one of my favourites (nothing will ever surpass Faux!). 

It's the first MAC lipstick I've bought in a while and I've been coveting it for ages. It's a matte, deep cool-toned brown and this month I've been having a complete issue wearing any other lip colour than this. I always thought I couldn't pull colours like this off but I am obsessed with Stone and how it looks on my lips! I always find MAC Mattes not to be too drying and this is no exception, providing comfortable wear with a gorgeous matte, opaque finish. I like to pair it with a lip liner from Kiko in the shade 536. It's a perfect match! 

So yeah. That's what I've been loving! Sorry that this blogpost is so short. All will be explained on Sunday. 

Thanks for reading!

UNI CHATS || Staying On Top of Deadlines!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

image credit: http://www.mpug.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/deadline.jpg

I find working exceptionally difficult. I would much rather watch 5 hours of Netflix (I've started How To Get Away With Murder this week and I'm OBSESSED!) and finding the motivation to work rather than to lie in bed all day has been one of the biggest struggles for me when starting uni. At A Level, your teachers are constantly badgering you - reminding you that your essay is due or your coursework needs handing in. At degree level sometimes your tutors won't even mention the essay until the week that it's due. It's up to you to find the deadline and make yourself stick to it. Here are my top tips!

Plan ahead!

When I find out a deadline (for my course it's always a Sunday evening at midnight), I make sure I have the weekend before completely free and if I know I have something on that I can't move, make sure I schedule time for the essay the weekend before that - or during my free time in the week. Usually in my planner I will have 'start intro essay' written on certain days and 'finish intro essay' on others. (Intro stands for Introduction to Politics which is the name of one of my modules).  That way I've given myself a clear time frame, well before the deadline, to do the essay. Tutors will say to start a month before but we all know that's unrealistic and starting a week before usually is fine for me - just do not leave it to the last minute!

Find out the consequences!

Look up what your university's policy is for missed deadlines and late submissions. For the School of Politics & IR at Queen Mary it's loss of 5 marks for every day it's not submitted. Since 5 marks can easily mean the difference between at 2:1 and a 2:2, this scares me into sticking to deadlines as I'm quite obsessive about grades and academic success. If you don't care about this then I'd argue that you shouldn't really be at university.

Create an environment where it's impossible to procrastinate!

Turn your phone on Airplane Mode and put it on the other side of the room. Only use the internet for research. If you catch yourself trying to browse twitter, add an extra 10 minutes onto your allotted study time. Maybe go to the library where you're forced to be silent or focused. I mostly do my work in my bedroom and so I sit at my desk, not on my bed, and put my phone far way. I close all tabs of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin', Pinterest and Instagram and just get to writing. I usually have a drink next to me and maybe a snack (a banana and a 9 bar help give natural energy!) if I get peckish but that's about it. 

Don't get too stressed out!

Take regular breaks, keep yourself hydrated and don't attempt to sit down and write 2500 words and research the essay and do your bibliography all in one day. It usually takes me 3-4 days to fully complete an essay ready for submission. 

So there you have it - my by no means expert opinion on how you should tackle tough assignments! Speaking of, I have one due tonight so I better get it finished! 


Thursday, 23 March 2017

I've been wanting to get some bits from Colourpop for ages but because they charge $9.99 for international shipping and then there'd be that lovely VAT & customs charge to pay I'd always put off until I could afford to spend $50 to get free international shipping. Well, last week I placed an order and only 8 days later received the very exciting package of 4 pressed eyeshadows in a palette, 4 ultra matte finish lipsticks and 5 super shock shadows. I was very pleased with what I managed to pick up so I'm going to show you some pictures & swatches now!

Pressed shadows in 'Time Out', 'Flower Boy', 'Stay Golden' & 'Pinky Promise'.

Ultra Matte Lipsticks in Trap, Guess, Succulent & Bianca

Swatches of the super shock shadows: Game Face, Dance Party, Central Perk, La La & Weenie

Swatches of pressed shadows: Time Out, Flower Boy, Stay Golden and Pinky Promise

Lipsticks in Trap, Guess, Succulent and Bianca (shout out to Johnny for letting me use his arm in this photo!)

Game Face, Dance Party, La La, Central Perk & Weenie

I am totally obsessed with the quality of these products. The Super Shock Shadows are so pigmented and beautiful, the pressed shadows blend out so dreamily and the liquid lipsticks are amazing. And it's all so cheap! Each eye shadow works out at about £3.50! If you want a more extensive review please let me know as I am all about Colourpop right now!

Tasty Tuesday || What I Eat In A Day (Uni Edition)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Quick disclaimer: I don't have the healthiest diet. I definitely don't eat enough fruit or vegetables. I am not preaching in this post that you should eat what I eat. These posts are really interesting for me to read, and so I wanted to write one myself. This is what I typically eat on a weekday at university - in all it's glory. Also, since like last Monday, I've been cutting out snacking. So I used to eat like a bar of chocolate after dinner but I am not snacking anymore! Be proud of me please! Also, I'm making Tasty Tuesday a biweekly segment, so let me know what you think of that!

So, let's just begin!

So, this is my typical breakfast! I usually eat it around 9am because I'm not all that hungry when I first wake up. I always have cereal and my cereal of choice is Weetabix. This flavour is the Apple & Raisin one which is fine but I don't think they're my favourite - despite the fact I am obsessed with raisins in stuff. I just really like raisins. I also had a handful of raspberries and a cup of just normal English breakfast tea with one sugar and semi-skimmed cows milk. 

At about 10:30am I made this smoothie to take with me to my lecture. I aim to have 2-3 smoothies a week just because they're an easy way to consume fruit - and you can use frozen fruit so it doesn't go off! In this smoothie I had raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and redcurrants and I blended it with some apple juice just to lubricate it a bit. That sounded weird. Sorry. I drank this between 11-12pm and it was really good. 

Photographing this made me wonder why I was doing this. For lunch I was still kind of full from the smoothie so I had two seeded Riveta crackers, three chunks of mature cheddar from the Co-Op and a bag of Skips because honestly they are the best crisps. I think they have surpassed Wotsits in my mind as the best crisps ever. They are really great. I also had a glass of lemon water with lunch but I failed to photograph that.

And then it was dinner time! I had half of a cheese pizza from ASDA, a baby spinach and red pepper salad and used the garlic and herb dip you get with it as a salad dressing which was a 10/10 decision and I really want to do that again. I really enjoyed this dinner. I also had 2 vegan brownies afterwards because my flatmate was baking them and she offered some to me. They were alright but in my opinion you can't make brownies without real butter! 

I failed with documenting my drinking! But, I drank 1l of lemon water (tap water with 1/4 of a lemon chopped up and just thrown in & refrigerated over night - very delicious!), another cup of tea after dinner and with each of my meals I had a big glass of White Grape & Peach high juice which is one of my favourites along with apple & mango and apple & elderflower! 

UNI CHATS || 6 Ways Of Making Long Distance Work!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hello there & welcome to another post about university from everyone's favourite inexperienced guru: me! Today's subject is a touchy one - it's on how to make a long distance relationship work while one of you is at uni, or you've had to go to different unis, or whatever. The idea of leaving Johnny and not seeing him everyday was traumatising and I lay awake at night worrying about how awful it would be. And it is awful. But we make it work - and here's how.

  1. Don't underestimate the power of FaceTime: talking on the phone is one thing but being able to see the other person's face and show them things (and maybe do sexy things if you're into that - I'm personally not but each to their own) is invaluable. Johnny and I aim to FaceTime every night for at least half an hour, so we can hear about each other's days. Now, throughout the day, I find myself experiencing funny things and thinking 'I can't wait to tell Johnny that later.'
  2. Don't read too much into texts: Johnny & I both find that we have the tendency to assume the other one is annoyed over text. Usually, bluntness over text isn't because we're irritated - it's because we're busy - but when you're apart it can feel that way. Try not to read too much into texts and wait until you can speak to the other person.
  3. Always have something to look forward to: make sure you know when you say goodbye, when you'll be seeing each other again. The worst bouts of missing Johnny have come when I don't know when I'll see him again. Hysterical crying ensued. It wasn't a pretty sight. 
  4. Share the travel: Johnny visits me and I visit him in equal ways. We try and see each other every weekend so we travel to see each other on alternate ones. Sometimes this doesn't work out and we go longer without seeing each other but we try to keep it pretty fair. 
  5. Keep reminding the other person how much you care: drop them a text every now and then saying you love them, or send them a little present in the post. I once sent Johnny a cute card in the post which I think he really appreciated. Just do nice things for your S.O. Keep that romance alive.
  6. Remember it's possible: 6 months of 'long distance' and we're stronger than ever prove that this is completely possible. People will accuse you of 'not getting the full uni experience', but I'd rather not cop off with randoms at a club - I'd rather have someone who will watch Making A Murderer with me when I'm in my pjyamas. 

So if you're thinking of moving away from a boyfriend or girlfriend and you're worried about doing the whole long distance thing, worry not! It is capable! You just both have to be willing. Consensual long distance love is key.

Purse-Friendly Make Up || Doing High-End On A Budget

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I make no effort to hide my monetary situation. I'm a university student and that comes hand in hand with being broke. When you look at minus numbers on your bank account nearly daily it's hard to try out the latest high-end goodies that everyone else seems to have. However, I manage to get my paws on some of the latest make-up that's usually a higher price point - and here's how.

Free Samples!

Magazines often have free samples of make-up and skincare so if you see them, snatch them up. Elle magazine usually give away a lot of Benefit goodies (in the last 2 years I've gotten a lot of Benefit samples from Elle - a Roller Lash mascara, a Goof Proof Brow Pencil, A Ready Set Brow! (see above) and a Dew The Hoola mini) so it's really worth buying those if you can't afford the full size. The samples last for ages as well. I've had my Ready, Set, Brow! for over 6 months and it's still not over yet!


Decide which items you would prefer to have as high-end. If you're like me and find that drugstore foundations just don't match your skin like Charlotte Tilbury and Nars ones too then prioritise that as a high-end purchase that you can justify because you're buying everything else from Boots! See, am I a genius or what? The drugstore has some amazing items - there's no need for snobbery. Brands like Sleek have great eyeshadows on a budget, Maybelline do great mascaras and I've found Seventeen have an amazing loose powder for your bake. For brushes, I'd advise Morphe and Spectrum brushes - low cost & high quality!

Find Bargains!

If you live near a Kiko, go into a Kiko right now. I mean it. Right now. Their sales are out of this world and the quality of their items is pretty decent. I'd put their usual price point between the drugstore and high-end make up. Slightly below MAC but slightly higher than NYX. But their sales put them on the level of Revolution or Essence. Seriously. They often have eyeshadows like the ones above for £1.70. I got a lip liner in there the other day for 90p! Another place to find good high-end bargains is BeautyBay's outlet which often has brands like Lime Crime, Jeffree Star, Stila, Illamasqua, Make Up Geek, ABH and Gerad Cosmetics on sale for 30%, 50% and even 75% off! I just went on their website so I could link it for you and realised some eyeliners I bought last week are now £15 when I paid £25. I'm now angry.

Birthdays & Christmas!

Ask for make-up for Christmas - but make sure you get specific so clueless family members don't buy the wrong things. My boyfriend is great at anticipating my make up needs. For my birthday he got me a whole set of Morphe brushes because he'd seen me looking at them on BeautyBay and for Valentine's Day he got me a Kat Von D contour palette. My dad has bought me Naked palettes before and my auntie got me a Too Faced Chocolate Bar one year! This is kind of an obvious step but has been really useful for me getting things I wouldn't be able to afford.


Monday, 13 March 2017

So here's a quick tip for you: don't go onto Kylie Cosmetics during a launch of a new product when you've had one or two glasses of wine. You will make a purchase that will cost you an arm and a leg once you include shipping and customs. That's exactly how I bagged myself this Kylighter. 'I'm only going on to see how much they are' I said. Five minutes later I'd purchased Cotton Candy Cream... Oops.

I'm not the biggest fan of Kylie Cosmetics. I think her lip liners are amazing but her lipsticks are really drying and make my lips flake and peel after a whole day of wear so I don't reach for my lip kits as much as I should. I also think $14.95 international shipping is pretty expensive and then when this arrived I had a £13.46 Customs charge to pay on top of that. 

However, this highlighter is really pretty. 

It looks pinky in the pan but is a really nice golden sheen when swatched. It doesn't have huge unflattering chunks of glitter in it and it just looks quite nice and natural. I have to say, it takes a lot for me to hate a highlighter, and this is no exception. It's a nice highlighter and I will wear it. The pigmentation is decent, the formula isn't as soft as I would like but is quite blend-able. It's nice. But it doesn't blow me away. 

I find the packaging to be minimal and a bit bland and the colours to be unimaginative. I know there's only so much originality you can have from a highlighter but these, to me, feel like every other highlighter. It's not horrible - it's a good highlighter. However, when I weigh up the cost of the shipping and the customs charge, it's a little disappointing. 

Overall, if you're the the US and think this is a product you'd like to try then go for it. They're nice highlighters. However, if you're like me and are outside of the US, the £18 this cost, plus the £10 shipping and the £13 customs charge make this not really worth it. There are so many highlighters of similar and better quality you can get for far less money. 

Do you have a Kylighter? Let me know what you think of them!

UNI CHATS || How to get into your dream university!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

picture courtesy of wikimedia
As you probably know, I'm currently studying at Queen Mary University of London. What you do not know is that it was my firm UCAS choice, so therefore I managed to get the grades to get in. It's around the time of year now where all prospective uni students are about to take their A-Levels which will determine your fate and since I've done the whole process, I thought I'd share my story of how I came to be at Queen Mary - and offer some advice along the way. (Disclaimer: this is only relevant to the British system, using UCAS and A levels).

So, I went and saw Queen Mary in July of 2015 and when I saw the Queen's Building (pictured above), I knew I wanted to go there. There's a stunning room called the Octagon inside and it took my breath away. I could see myself living here, working here and getting a degree here. It felt right to me - in a way I can't really describe. The campus is small (which I loved) and I just loved it. 

I'd already done some research into what the uni offered for Politics and I loved the look of the course (and I still love it, while I'm doing it!) so as soon as I got that 'feeling', I knew it was the right one. My tip of finding the perfect uni for you is to research the course extensively, visit and see if you can see yourself there and look at the entry requirements and see if they're achievable. The entry requirements for my course were ABB, or BBB with an A in my EPQ. I saw this as quite achievable with some hard work.

Don't forget to check out the surrounding area, too! Although I don't think that matters too much. Mile End is pretty scabby - constantly smelling of marijuana and fried chicken - but that doesn't really impact on my uni experience too much. It only makes us slightly scared to leave campus at night.

picture courtesy of qmul
After you've picked your uni, you've got to get an offer. Let's be real, most universities don't even look at your personal statement, so don't stress too much about all your 'extra curricular activities and charity work'. At the end of the day, what they mostly care about is grades. Suck up to your teachers to get your predicted grades moved up if you think they're too low (my politics teacher refused to change mine from a C to a B and told me to be realistic about my dreams - well, who's realistic now?) because I honestly think that's what universities care most about. 

After you've got your offer (congrats! those UCAS emails about a change in the status of your application used to freak me the hell out), it's about getting the grades which is the hardest part. I have no other tips than work your socks off. Just do it. Once you've got those horrible 4 months of revising and exam-taking out of the way, you get a lovely long summer. Just think about that! Try not to procrastinate. It was so difficult for me to get focused but I just had to do it. Especially as I was in a fairly new relationship and wanted to spend all my spare time snuggled up in bed with Johnny. 

picture courtesy of LordScumbag on the student room

Results Day was terrifying for me. I honestly thought I hadn't done it. My heart had been at QM for so long that I didn't even want to go to my insurance (Westminster). I woke up at 7:45am on Results Day and opened UCAS Track on my iPad immediately. That's when I saw the above notification (well - swap Manchester for QMUL and add a saucy bit of politics and you've got it!) and I freaked out, waking up Johnny and my mum and forgetting I wasn't wearing any trousers. I actually can't remember how I spent results day after that. I went into school around 9am to get my results and I got 3 Bs and an A in my EPQ. I was a bit annoyed I didn't get an A in English, but I'd also got As in all my retakes. 

I'd say don't sweat about results day, but it's really difficult. If you're like me and academic success is really all you have (lol) then of course it's going to mean the world. Do something with your friends or family to distract yourself the day before. I did and I had a great time. We also got Chinese takeaway which helped. 

picture courtesy of media.glassdoor

And now your adventure can begin! 

Good luck if you have applied/are applying/are looking at universities! It's a scary but wonderful time and I hope you enjoy it and are successful! Let me know in the comments where you are headed/want to go! I'd love to hear from you all!

WORTH THE HYPE?! || Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

I was very pleased this Valentine's Day to receive this stunning Kat Von D contour palette! It was most definitely a case of #TheBoyDidGood. This palette has been very hyped up on social media so I thought this was a perfect product to do a Worth The Hype post about.

I know this palette has been out for a while but we've only recently just got Kat Von D in the UK (you can now get it in Debenhams - woohoo!) and it was actually only this month that I tried any of their products myself. I bought the Tattoo Liner myself (which is really nice & I would recommend) and Johnny bought this for me.

I'm not an everyday contour-er, because I find that it can just look too much for dashing out to a lecture, but if I have an event on, I do love a good contour. This palette is perfect. It has 3 contour shades - one light, one medium and one darker - and three highlights. My favourite highlighter is the banana coloured one, but I use it to set my eyelids and under-eye concealer more than I do for highlighting. I'm quite pale so the lighter 2 shades (one warmer and one cooler) are what I mostly use but the darker contour shade is perfect on my eyes as a matte brown crease colour. See? A very diverse palette! I like that there's something for most skin tones in this palette.

The formula is very soft and buttery and it's very easy to blend these colours out - they're not really muddy at all. They're highly pigmented so a little goes a long way; I can tell I'm going to get years of use our of this. I find that sometimes they do kick up a bit when you put your brush in, but it's not too much that I can't handle it.

It's not a bad price either. I believe Johnny paid £36 for it as that's how much it is in Debenhams, which isn't bad to be honest. For a good quality contour palette, I would happily pay that.  It also makes contouring really simple as it comes with a guide! So, even if you have no idea how to make your cheekbones look like they were crafted by angels, you will do after you get this contour kit!

So, lets do a lowdown.

Quality: 9/10
Pigmentation: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Blend-ability: 9/10
Worth the hype?: Yes!

I believe that this contour palette is worth the hype that it gets! I know I don't really have much to compare it to as I haven't tried its competitors (like the ABH one) but I don't see how it can be much better than this one! This KVD contour palette gets a thumbs up from me!

What are your favourite contouring items? Let me know below!

How To Organise Your Life When You're On A Budget!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Believe it or not, I've found you don't need 1,000 planners at £20 a pop to organise your life. I've found that even this bargain planner from Amazon will do. It's called the 
 Octogan Design 2017 Monthly Planner and it's only £7.76 and I find it perfect for no-fuss monthly organisation. It's laid out by month and it's like a calendar you can just carry around. Johnny and I both use it - it's got enough room for important dates for both of us - and it helps us keep track of our own lives as well as each others.

I also use it to plan out blog posts, deciding what I want to post and when. It gives me a great idea of how my month is going to turn out for my blog. I photographed March before I'd written much on it apart from important dates I had to remember (like Crufts and my brother's birthday) so it looks a little bland - but I didn't want to spoil all my future blog posts for you - did I? 

I'm planning on really personalising it and making it look really cute but I haven't managed to do that yet - let me know if you'd like an 'updated planner' post when I've done! I have visions of adding photos on the inside covers and then wrapping it with really cute wrapping paper from Paperchase or something. I don't need any excuse to go to Paperchase, let's be honest. And I'm hoping to convince Johnny that a label maker is a really worthy investment!

If you want one for yourself, you can find it here!

UNI CHATS || Palettes I Travel With!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Because I'm at uni now, I travel a lot. When I travel (usually home, and usually for reading week or Christmas/Easter holidays), I try to only take one eyeshadow palette with me. And by palette, I mean something small and versatile that I can get whole looks out of. That's why I like travelling with these two palettes. For me, mattes are a must in a whole look and so, even though I love my Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess quad, it just can't do a whole complete look for me. That's why I like these two palettes because they are all matte (apart from the weird gel shade in the Illamasqua palette but you can read about that here). Yes, the palettes I always travel with are the Urban Decay Naked Basics and the Illamasqua Demise.

I like this palette because it has some subtle colour, meaning I don't have to do a matte brown look everyday, sometimes I can add some burgundy (as we all know that's my go-to eye shadow colour) or some navy to add a nice pop of colour, and the white has a nice gold sheen which makes a really nice inner-corner highlight, as the Naked Basics doesn't really have a shade that gives an intense inner corner highlight - but they're perfect if you want to be subtle. Another pro of the Demise palette as it's literally always on sale. I got it for like £12, which is a really good deal, I feel. Links of where to buy will be at the end of the post.

I actually won this palette in a Twitter giveaway (shout out to Robyn!) and it's quickly become  a travel favourite. It gives you everything you need - base, transition, crease and outer-corner colours which can create a simple but effective eye look. It's so versatile and it's all matte (minus Venus which has a slight sheen) which I love. My favourite shades are Faint and Naked 2, as I feel like they're both really nice crease shades that add definition and a smooth transition. Obviously these shadows are a dream to blend - they're Urban Decay! I've been thinking about this for a while and I think that Urban Decay has my favourite formula for eyeshadow. Apart from Matte Squared eyeshadows from MAC, their matte formula is perfection and I love it so much.

I also pack with me a liquid liner, because a cheeky little cat-eye really adds to the looks you can make with these. I'm loving Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in Trooper right now but I also love the Kiko pen eyeliner if you want a cheaper alternative.

So, there you have it. Sundays are Uni Chats days and this kind of feels like cheating because it's about beauty too... but I kind of linked it to uni. So... yeah.

If you liked what you saw & you want to buy these products yourself then by all means, shop this post...


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Welcome to the series in which I'm aiming to revisit some cult classics from way back when I started loving make up and talk about whether they're as good as everyone thought they were and if I still wear them now. The next on the list is Soft & Gentle by MAC. It's a Mineralize Skin Finish and its a gorgeous golden highlighter. I've always been mesmerized by the marbled effect that they Skin Finishes have and this one is no exception - it's stunning.

About 2 years back, everyone and their dog had this highlighter. I feel like the who 'glow' trend hadn't really kicked off, and at the time I think I only owned one highlighter and even then I wasn't sure what to do with it. I just knew I wanted this. People were using it as eyeshadow, as face highlight, as inner corner highlight... I just wanted it.

I was browsing in MAC the a few months ago when I came across Soft & Gentle in its new packaging. I thought to myself 'ah, what the hell, let's see what I was missing out on in 2014' and I bought it.

I really like it. It's definitely beautiful in the pan and looks far less golden in the swatch than it does in the pan. I'm really fair and back in the day the look of bronziness it had about it scared me. I didn't want to look orange and muddy. However, this highlight just provides a gorgeous subtle but build-able glow when applied with a fan brush, and a bit more of an intense glow when a denser brush is used.

But was it worth all that YouTube hype from back in the day? In my honest opinion, probably not.

It's nice, but it's not ground-breaking. I like it and find myself reaching for it often but it doesn't utterly slay me like some highlighters have in the past (Contour & More UK - I'm looking at you). I understand that back then there wasn't the highlighter choice there is today and maybe it was ground-breaking for its time, but re-visiting Soft & Gentle hasn't made me wonder why it's never talked about anymore.

It's pretty - looks nice on my cheeks and on my vanity - but I've had better. Sorry MAC. I still love you.

If you want to relive your make-up past and get a hold of Soft & Gentle, visit my 'Shop My Blog' page where you can find it or head over to MAC's website.

Now, please enjoy some pictures of my cat ruining my photography!

All in a bid to get out of the window!

This is going to be a monthly or fortnightly segment on my blog so if you have any cult classics you want me to revisit leave your suggestions in the comments. I have some ideas already - MAC Warm Soul blush, MAC Velvet Teddy, Urban Decay Naked Palette (the original)... Let me know below!

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