How To Organise Your Life When You're On A Budget!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Believe it or not, I've found you don't need 1,000 planners at £20 a pop to organise your life. I've found that even this bargain planner from Amazon will do. It's called the 
 Octogan Design 2017 Monthly Planner and it's only £7.76 and I find it perfect for no-fuss monthly organisation. It's laid out by month and it's like a calendar you can just carry around. Johnny and I both use it - it's got enough room for important dates for both of us - and it helps us keep track of our own lives as well as each others.

I also use it to plan out blog posts, deciding what I want to post and when. It gives me a great idea of how my month is going to turn out for my blog. I photographed March before I'd written much on it apart from important dates I had to remember (like Crufts and my brother's birthday) so it looks a little bland - but I didn't want to spoil all my future blog posts for you - did I? 

I'm planning on really personalising it and making it look really cute but I haven't managed to do that yet - let me know if you'd like an 'updated planner' post when I've done! I have visions of adding photos on the inside covers and then wrapping it with really cute wrapping paper from Paperchase or something. I don't need any excuse to go to Paperchase, let's be honest. And I'm hoping to convince Johnny that a label maker is a really worthy investment!

If you want one for yourself, you can find it here!


  1. Thanks this is exactly the kind of diary I've been looking for! Until now I've been drawing them up myself but this is perfect ��
    Love, Sophia

    1. Glad it could help! I hope you pick one up! :) x


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