Chloé: Love Story | My New Favourite Fragrance

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

It's been a while since I've done a beauty-style post on the blog and it's for no reason other than I've been on holiday and haven't had a chance to take any pictures. Well, now I've got some and I'm excited to talk about this perfume, which since Christmas has now easily become my favourite ever. It's Love Story by Chloé.

I have never bought myself a high-end perfume because I can't justify that kind of spending but I have been lucky enough to receive them as presents for my birthday and Christmas and this Christmas my dad gifted me this which was a pleasant surprise as I had asked for it but never expected to get it! Since my name is Chloe, I'd always wanted to try one of the Chloe fragrances and since one of my favourite artists is Taylor Swift and she has a song called 'Love Story', I knew this perfume would be perfect for me and it is. (I did smell it before I asked for it and loved the scent - I didn't base my decision on the name, though it helped.)

I'm completely crap at describing scents, but this perfume is really floral and fresh. The people at Chloé say that is a 'floral composition, which explores the note of orange blossom. The scent is clean and fresh, made from neroli, orange blossom and stephanotis'. I personally don't know if it actually smells like this, but I can concur that it is a very floral, spring-time perfume and I've fallen head over heels for it. 

One squirt on the neck and the wrists has me smelling lovely all day. While I thought nothing could serpas Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream for me, Chloé Love Story has. It's slightly fresher which is something I really look for in a fragrance as I find that heavier perfumes can make me feel sick. I also tend to get chest pains from some ingredients in some perfumes so I am very pleased that Love Story doesn't do this for me! 

Overall, this perfume is bloody lovely and if you like deliciously floral fragrances then you should definitely try it out. It's around £50-70 a bottle, so if you're looking to splash out for a new spring/summer perfume then I suggest trying this one. It definitely does my name justice.

Holsworthy EX22, UK

Photo Diary || Devon/Cornwall April 2017

Sunday, 23 April 2017

A delicious coffee from North Coast Wine Co. in Bude

Bude canal looking beautiful

On Bude Beach, the slightly more PG version of On Chesil Beach


Padstow again.

On the beach at Rock

Freddie skipping stones on Rock beach.

My favourite big kid.

I told him to pose.

Our view while eating lunch in Rock.

Amazing 'Haven' hot chocolate at Cracklington Haven.


A view of Widemouth Bay.

Squinty because of the sun!

Views of Millook.

The sun came out!

View from Holsworthy viaduct.

Country walks.

Building bridges.

Plymouth Hoe.

Plymouth's hoe.

Memory Garden at Plymouth Hoe.

Smeaton's Tower.

Looking mysterious as ever...

STORY TIME || Holiday From Hell!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

As you're reading this, I'm on holiday in Devon. So, I thought I'd honour this holiday by telling you about a disaster that occurred when Johnny and I went to Gran Canaria last December. We decided to take a warm holiday away from the cruel British weather and celebrate our anniversary in beautiful Gran Canaria. Our trip there was smooth and we had such a lovely holiday together - enjoying twenty-eight degree heat in the middle of December! 

However, our trip home was the worst trip home that I've ever experienced.

We used TL Travel via Travel Republic to book our airport transfer and while we had to wait a bit for it on our way to the hotel the minibus greeted us at the airport and went to our hotel with no problems. On Thursday, two days before our transfer was due to happen, TL Travel contacted our hotel and said they would pick us up from the hotel at 8:30am to get us to the airport for our 12pm flight. At 8:15am on Saturday we stood outside the hotel and waited. 8:30am came, nothing. 8:45am, nothing. 9am, nothing. 9:15am I called TL Travel and there was no answer. By now, I was panicking that we'd miss our flight. I phoned TL again, this time on an emergency line. Nothing. Johnny went into reception and asked them to phone TL Travel. No answer. At 9:30am, we called a taxi and paid 60 Euros to get to the airport. It was a good thing Johnny had been paid while we were on holiday, otherwise we might not have ever got to the airport. 

We arrived at the airport, exceptionally pissed off. But we were there and we checked in our bags and we thought what else can go wrong, right?

Our flight was delayed an hour. We thought 'annoying, but not the end of the world.' Then it got delayed another hour. And then another. Until 9 hours had passed and we still weren't on our flight. It was late. We were both exhausted and pissed off. Finally, at 9:30pm, we boarded the plane. Just before we'd got on, Johnny and I stuffed down a Burger King and about an hour into the flight, while I was watching Sex and the City, I started to feel rather ill. No, it wasn't my stomach turning because Carrie was gushing about Mr.Big again, it was the Burger King from earlier making a second appearance. If you've ever been sick on an aeroplane, then you know it's one of the worst experiences you can possibly have. It's not easy to rush to the toilet when you're sat on a plane seat. It was really unpleasant. 

We got back to London at around midnight but the journey wasn't over and so began the two hour drive to Dorset. Johnny, bless him, was exhausted and I spent the entire journey in a perpetual fear that we were going to crash and die. At one point, we were driving on the complete other side of the road which was extremely terrifying. But we got home, alive and well. Everything seemed perfect.

As I unpacked my case the next morning, I started to panic. I couldn't find my purse. I suddenly had the realisation that I'd left it in the hotel. My debit card, Oyster Card and Railcard were hundreds of miles away in the Canary Islands. A terrible cherry on the already pretty shitty cake. Luckily, I got my wallet back and Johnny and I got compensation from EasyJet for the delayed flight. We also got the money for the taxi back from TravelRepublic, and we vow to never book with TL Travel again as the only explanation they provided us was that they 'forgot' to come and pick us up. 

So, yeah. A lovely holiday ruined by a hellish journey home. What's the worst journey you've ever had? Let me know below!

OOTD || Monday 17.04.17

Monday, 17 April 2017


Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone!

This is the outfit that I wore today. I'm not much into fashion but I'm obsessed with these new loafers I got from BooHoo, even though they absolutely kill my ankles at the moment. I hope you had a lovely, family filled Easter. I had a great one and my heart feels so full. And yes, that last picture is me being awkward and not knowing how to pose for these kinds of pictures! 

T-shirt: BooHoo
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Primark 

STORY TIME || Awkward Letting Agent Experience

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

image source:

As some of you might know, Johnny & I have been looking for a flat in London recently. We have only seen three flats so far but our first ever viewing was the most awkward viewing of my entire life. And here's why. 

We arranged over the phone to meet the agent at his office and he would drive us to the property. The property we were viewing was in Leytonstone and the office was in Leyton, which meant a ten minute car ride. Johnny and I met the agent at the office and introduced ourselves to him. This would have been a great time for this man to offer his name, maybe ask us some questions about our property preferences etc. However, he didn't. We only found out his name was John from the bluetooth in his car announcing it was paired to John's iPhone. So, an awkward start. 

After a 10 minute drive in complete silence we arrived at the property and John let us in a led us up the three flights of stairs to the flat. The flat wasn't very big so it took John around 10 minutes to show us all the rooms. Johnny decided while we were in the bedroom that it was a good idea to ask about pets, as Johnny has a little dog that he wants to bring with him - obviously. John told us the landlord allowed pets and led us back into the kitchen so I could inspect the boiler (I know - I'm such an adult now!). Johnny continued to quiz John about the area of Leytonstone and what local amenities there were.  John told us of the 24 hour McDonalds, the Tesco, the Wetherspoons and the local club, called O'Niells. This was going a whole lot better.

Until, John put his foot in his mouth. 

"There's also a park just over there - so you two can go dogging if you want to."

Uh... What?! 

Johnny and I couldn't help it; we looked at each other and just burst out laughing. Through laughs, I managed to say "Um, we're not really into that."

John was mortified - obviously meaning that we could take Skye out for a walk in the field, not that we might like to drive a car up there in the middle of the night and engage in seedy coitus with strangers. Embarrassed, John decided that the viewing was over and showed us out and into his car. The journey back to the office was awkward, but John did point out the tube station and the local club. 

Overall, it was quite an awkward experience. The dogging comment wasn't even that bad - it's that John didn't even tell us his name! Our other two viewings have gone a bit better, even though the second flat we saw was disgustingly grim. There was pee in the toilet. Yuk.

Have you had any awkward encounters recently? Let me know in the comments!

CULT CLASSICS REVISITED || The Urban Decay Naked Palette

Thursday, 6 April 2017

If you haven't seen this iconic palette before then where have you been for the last 5 years? Under a rock? In a cave with no access to beauty gurus on YouTube? Wherever you were, you missed out. The Naked Palette by Urban Decay took the internet by storm. Every YouTuber and Blogger was mentioning this palette - raving about the quality, the colour selection, the beauty... and I was no exception. When this started to become big on YouTube (I'd seen Zoella and Tanya Burr talk about it so obviously 16 year old me was SOLD!) I knew I needed it so I put it on my Christmas list and prayed Santa would be kind to me - and he was! This was beautifully wrapped under the tree!

I was so obsessed with this palette. It's all I wore on my eyes every single day with no exception. I was blown away by the blendability, the pigmentation, the colour range! I wore it to death. And I still do. I genuinely still love these eyeshadows and no other launch from Urban Decay has had me in love quite like this one. When the Naked 2 & 3 came out I got those as well but I didn't wear them nearly as much and I think I really need to declutter them as they just collect dust on my vanity - but the original Naked palette is used quite often when I'm doing my make up. 

I own the most palettes from Urban Decay than I do from any other brand (I have 5) and their eyeshadow quality is amazing but there's just something about the Naked that makes it that much more special. I don't know if it's the velvety packaging (why did they get rid of that - the tins are just ugly and clunky!) or just the fact that it was my first proper high end eye shadow palette that makes this such a fond favourite of mine, but I can't help but love it. 

Everyone seems to have this so let me know what you think of it below! Is it one you reach for all the time or is there something else that has your heart?

UNI CHATS || Why I'm Stopping

Sunday, 2 April 2017

I love writing Uni Chats and it's such an interesting blog series for me to write. I hope that I provide you all with anecdotes and stories that are enjoyable and also some sound advice as well to those of you looking to start university. However, unfortunately, this Sunday will be the last Uni Chats post until the middle of May.

My exams start on the 3rd of May so right now I'm spending every moment preparing for them to make sure I end this year with a decent grade. Uni Chats are the posts that take me the longest to write as they aren't often picture-based at all so they're just long articles of text. I will continue to post Tuesday & Thursday and I promise I will try to get a post out on a Sunday but it won't be a Uni Chats. I don't actually have a new Uni Chats scheduled in until the 14th of May, where I will be doing a post about my whole first year at university and then the following weekend I will be doing one about my horrible flatmate (as promised!). 

I'm sorry to any of you who liked the series but I do have to put in on hold for now as obviously my degree comes before my blog. I will miss writing the series for a few weeks but I promise it will resume on the 14th of May and will carry on throughout the summer (unless I run out of content). 

I'm sure a lot of you don't really care about my posting schedule but I just thought I'd leave this update to let you know. I may also do a post in the next couple of weeks about revision techniques - but that will most probably come after my exams because then I'll know what worked.

Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy the new content!

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