It’s getting to that time of year again. It’s the time of year where, if you’re studying GCSEs or A Levels, your teachers are telling you that it’s ‘time to start revising’ and ‘exam season is just around the corner.’ You might have an offer from your favourite uni and be stressing already about getting the grades. You might need a certain amount of GCSEs to get into the Sixth Form College of your dreams or enough to be able to take on your #1 BTEC choice. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like.
As readers of my blog will know, I’m currently at university. I passed my A Levels with an A and 3 Bs in June 2016 and I got into my first choice university to do Politics BA which was Queen Mary University of London, where I currently study. Some of you might not think it, but I scraped those grades. But, if I’d had this hack, I think I would’ve done a lot better. It’s like cheating, but cheating that won’t get you thrown out of the exam and doesn’t involve “writing on your hands or arms”.
I have collaborated with Audiopi for this post – an online podcast service which aims to help you ace all your exams. They kindly gave me access to some of their History podcasts on Italian History and the Late Tudor Period, so I could suss them out and let you guys know what they’re all about. 
So, you can go onto the website and search your subject. It has a really handy tool where you can search by exam board, which I really like, so whether you’re AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, Whatever – you can find content that’s made for your course! And, even if you’re not studying these subjects, they’re still really interesting! I am especially finding the Italian podcast interesting – the rise of Mussolini and the shift to fascism during the 20th century in Italy is fascinating, and makes you wonder if history will repeat itself with Trump!
You can either subscribe to a podcast for £14.99 (well worth it if your future is a stake!) or buy individual ones for £1.99 each, which is so reasonable as you’re effectively getting an entire education. The quality of writers who write the podcasts are phenomenal and the service has had approval from professors from universities like Durham and Oxford.

I had a really bad history teacher in Year 12. I loved him, I really did, but he was pants. Because of his poor teaching, most of the class came out with Ds and Es at AS, me included. If I’d had this service then, I probably would’ve done a lot better. Luckily, re-takes are a woman’s best friend. If you have a shockingly bad teacher (Mr Lake, I loved you, but you were quite bad) then you need this – no question about it!

Audiopi is so easy to use! You just log in and all your subscriptions are there. Clips average from 10-15 minutes long and are written by historians, professors and experts! And, it’s not just for history students! Audiopi has English Literature podcasts to Biology podcasts! It’s really for everyone! And hey, if they want to expand and do a podcast on British politics, I’ll happily write one!

And luckily for you guys, I have a discount code! You can get a whopping 10% off your podcasts and subscriptions by using the code blogger at the checkout! Don’t just pass your exams – ace them! I wish I’d had this tool when I was doing my A Levels – I might be at Oxford or Cambridge now if I had! (Maybe not, but I’d probably have got As not Bs!)

Head over to Audiopi by clicking here!

*Disclaimer: While this post is in collaboration with a brand, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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