Illamasqua Sale Haul: What I Got For £27!

Over the Christmas period, Illamasqua had an incredible sale on and on New Years’ Eve I had a bit of a #TreatYoSelf moment, and decided to just go and order some of the items that were advertised as more than 50% off. This is my first time shopping at Illamasqua, and these are the first products I’ve had from them, but I’ve heard good things and my order only came to £27 with free shipping and I managed to get my paws on an eyeshadow quad called ‘Demise’, a dolly-pink blush called ‘Dulcet’ and a smoked purple eyeliner called ‘Seize’. 
I’ve tried out each product once, so I will give you a brief review. If you want to watch a vlog-style unboxing, you can below. My YouTube channel is Chloe Of Course, so you can always find me on there. 
The quad is okay. It’s not really my most favourite quad ever, – even though the colours in it are so me. My favourite by far is the deep red shade and I can see myself reaching for that quite a lot. The navy shade comes out as more of a grey (see video for swatches) which is kind of disappointing, but the pigmentation is good and it still makes a nice crease/outer-corner colour for more dramatic looks. The white is nice. It has a gold sheen to it which is subtle but makes highlighting easy, which I really like. The top shimmery colour is a gel formula and it’s the most disappointing in the quad. It’s pigmentation is shocking, the formula feels odd on my eye and it’s quite sticky. I didn’t realise it was gel when I bought it, but in the pan it’s so gorgeous. I’m so sad that that doesn’t translate onto the eye.
The blush is probably my favourite of the whole order. It’s a dolly-pink with chunky micro glitter which I really like and it leaves a lovely pink sheen on the cheeks which I think is perfect for spring time. It’s VERY pigmented, and it also kicks up a lot when you put your brush in, so light strokes and a lot of tapping off the excess are the key to success when using Dulcet. For what I paid, I’m very impressed and it looks beautiful on the face, despite looking a little lack-lustre in the pan.
Finally, we have the smoked purple eyeliner. Beautiful on the waterline. It adds a lovely pop of colour to a look and I really love it. On my brown eyes it’s very flattering and it doesn’t budge. For a wooden eyeliner pencil, it doesn’t tug at all and the formula is so creamy and wonderful. I am obsessed with it. I really am. 
Overall, for what I paid, I am impressed. While the eyeshadow quad is somewhat disappointing, it won’t stop me from trying out Illamasqua products again. I love the packaging and the chic-ness of the brand, so I will definitely be trying some more products from their range!

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