Every girl loves a bit of glow. We can’t help it. It’s in our genes. We love to sparkle. And hey, it’s not just girls! Even guys like a little bit of glitter! Sometimes my boyfriend gets slightly mesmerised by the radiance of my cheekbones… Secretly, we are all magpies. Because of this, I am always attracted to really glittery, shiny highlighters. And this is why ‘Owls’ by Louise Young is really an odd highlighter to be my favourite. 
I didn’t know much about Louise Young so I decided to do some research. Louise is a make-up artist and in 2007 launched her own brushes and now does luxury make-up as well. They stock Louise Young on BeautyBay and I just threw this highlighter in my basket on a whim when sales shopping the other day. It claimed to be a “versatile highlighter to use on cheeks and eyes” which spoke to me. On BeautyBay, ‘Owls’ is £16 but on Louise Young’s website it’s only £14. 

When I first opened it up and swatched it, I was a little disappointed. The pan was smaller than I expected (read sizes of things before you buy them, Chloe!!) and it wasn’t glittery at all. On the back of my hand it just kinda looked like a banana eye-shadow with a little bit of sheen. Disheartened, I still applied it to my face and used a Morphe fan brush to do this. I saw no real difference, shrugged, mourned the loss of my £16 and moved on with my life.

But then I realised I shouldn’t give up that easily. The next day I went in with a bit of a heavier hand with a denser brush – an angled contour brush from Crown. And oh my word, was I surprised. The sheen on my cheekbones was gorgeous. I did the highlighter-head-tilt so many times in the mirror, excited by the light that this was now catching. 

It’s not an over the top highlight. It’s subtle but it makes you look like you’re naturally glowing. It really gives you that lit from within look and works especially well to liven up matte foundation. It also looks really nice if you have a blush or bronzer that’s slightly glittery and you don’t want to overdo the glitter. Above are swatches and pictures, but if you want to see me unbox it, you can watch my vlog from that day, which I will include below! 

If you’re looking to expand your make up collection with a subtle but beautiful highlighter shade, then I highly recommend Owls. It’s just beautiful; it blends like a dream and it makes you look like you have the natural complexion of Kate Middleton. It’s my new Ride or Die highlighter/holy grail/bible beauty product. I highly recommend it!

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