Blog friends, meet my boyfriend!

Last December (2015) (the 12th to be exact), this guy took me on a date and the rest is history. A year (and a bit) later, he has become my best friend and my partner in crime and I thought it was time you ‘met’ him!

So, I’ve taken a few questions from the famous Boyfriend Tag, and I will be answering them so you can get to know Johnny!

When/where did we meet?

Johnny and I met when we were both working at ASDA. We actually knew each other for a year and were good friends for several months before I got wasted and made out with him at work’s Christmas do made my move. I don’t work at ASDA anymore as I left when I moved to uni but Johnny still does as the security guard, although he’s planning on leaving this year when he moves to London!

When did he meet my parents?

Johnny met my parents separately as they are divorced. He met my mum on Boxing Day 2015, which was actually quite soon after we got together! I’m now convinced my mum loves him more than she loves me! He met my dad a little later – probably mid-January 2016. 

Where/when was our first kiss?

I don’t actually remember our first, first kiss as I was drunk but I remember first kissing him in the back seat of his best friend’s Polo, while 3 other people were in the car too. So romantic lol. I literally grabbed his face and kissed him. Alcohol gives me so much bloody confidence!

Who said “I love you” first?

I said it first. It was April time and we were having a fight, which I won’t go into detail about. He was accusing me of not caring about him and I just replied with “how dare you think I don’t care; I love you for Christ’s sake!” Again, sooo romantic! I’d been trying to think for like 3 weeks before that how to say it and then it just slipped out while we were fighting. He said it back once we made up, don’t worry…

Where was our first date?

It was in a pub called The Crown in a village called Marnhull. I had pork belly and Jonathan, the country gent, had pheasant. He paid for me, bless his little heart, and that little lunch out was the start of something absolutely fantastic. 

So yeah, that’s all really. Johnny made 2016 the happiest year of my life. We went on two holidays together, made the decision to move in together (coming soon…) and are now doing kinda long distance, which is hard but rewarding. 

Tell me about your S.O in the comments! How did you meet?

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