Let’s Talk Politics: Why ‘The Donald’ Might Not Be What’s Dangerous

I don’t use my platform to speak about politics and as a student of the politic, that seems bizarre to me. Why am I so scared to talk about my political opinions on the internet? Trolls can’t hurt me. It’s important to have a say.
On Monday, I went to an anti-Trump rally on the streets of London (see above photo). It was exhilarating going to something like this, as I’d never done it before. Technically, it was an anti-Trump and anti-Theresa May rally, but I was just there against Trump, although I really do not agree with May’s idea that we should just leave Trump to it – and let him into the country on a state visit, no less! Anyway, that’s beside the point. It was great to go out and get actively involved in politics. And so, I’m going to start writing more politics posts. Because I love it. Sorry not sorry.
I’ve seen loads of articles calling for an impeachment of Trump, or an assassination of Trump, but honestly I don’t think that would make a different. Because you know who you’d get after Trump? You’d get his brain: Mike Pence. It’s clear to me that Trump does have some business accumen, but really what could a man who is a self-professed anti-establishmentarian, know about government? That’s where Pence comes into things.
I personally feel that Pence is the Cheney to Trump’s Bush (oo-err!). If you aren’t familiar with the Cheney-Bush relationship, Dick Cheney was George W. Bush’s Vice President, and Cheney practically ran the show while Bush cuddled up to Tony Blair and played golf. During 9/11, it was Cheney who called all the shots, while Bush was reading to school kids in Florida, before being lifted into Air Force 1, completely panicked about the whole situation.
Pence is Trump’s Cheney. Famously, in an interview before ‘The Donald’ was elected, his son Donald Trump Jr. (no, not the ghostly 10-year-old, the one who looks like his activities include being racist and apres-ski) was asked about the responsibilities of the VP would be. Junior replied “domestic and foreign policy.” Hang on, isn’t that just a blanket term for everything? When asked what his father’s duties would be, Junior replied with the almost punchline-like phrase “making America great again.”
While I believe Trump should be impeached (obviously), I don’t think that would help anything, unless Pence, Paul Ryan and all other ‘Christian Supremacists’ in the Republican Party go with him and we find someone, anyone, in the Republican Party who doesn’t think they have the right to a woman’s uterus. 
Do you know who we need? We need Bernie Sanders – or even Hillary!
Disclaimer: Often when I get very political on the internet, I am asked, by Americans, why I care about the American president when I myself am not American. My answer is that firstly, I am a student of politics. Therefore, any government of any form is fascinating to me. If I only studied British politics, I’d probably have my degree by now. Secondly, Donald Trump is now the most powerful man in the world. He (or Pence) will impose foreign policy. You know who foreign policy effects? The rest of the world! Similarly, it’s clear that Theresa wants to keep up this friendship with America, and often we ally with them when they start wars or we start wars. We have kind of an ‘aggravators code’ where we help each other out when we get too big for our boots and start a war in a small Asian country. If America start wars, May could be sending out troops and then that affects me. Do you see what I mean? Any politics of any form is interesting.

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