MAC’s Literal ‘Shining Hour’ (and mine too!)

Oh mama, is this palette beautiful or what?! (skip down for the review; there’s a story first!)
This is a quad of ‘Dazzleshadows’ by MAC in collaboration with Kabuki Magic which was released in the UK earlier this month. I had seen this quad feature on Tati Westbrook’s YouTube channel before its release and she had praised it to high heaven and so the love affair began. I didn’t just want this quad – I was a woman obsessed. When the palette launched in the US I was obsessively checking MAC UK every day to see if the collection had dropped.
And then I missed it.
This palette may have sold out in minutes – I have no idea. I checked it in my Thursday morning lecture (don’t try that at home kids) and it had gone, causing me to whimper sorrowfully in the echo-y lecture theatre. But I didn’t give up hope! I tweeted MAC UK that day and…
Even this didn’t deter me! I dragged Johnny along to Selfridges and strolled confidently up to the MAC counter. I searched for the collection. Nothing. I asked a noir-clad MAC worker. Nothing. I was so sad. Tail between my legs, I went and tried to heal the pain by raiding the NARS counter but all it did was hurt my wallet. 
I’d given up hope. ‘Oh well,’ I’d said to Johnny as we walked out, ‘I guess that saves me £25’. 
The following Saturday I was out with a friend in central London. We had gone to the British Museum and decided that a stroll to Covent Garden was in order as we were so close. We went for a browse in MAC mostly because I wanted to get the Stone lipstick but then, as I walked in, I saw it. The Shining Hour quad. In the flesh. I ran up to it, barely able to contain my excitement and asked the nearest MAC lady ‘PLEASEDOYOUHAVETHISINSTOCKICANTFINDITANYWHERE?!?!?’.
She went to check and produced it for me, in it’s matte black box. I was so excited I ran up to pay, forgetting the reason I was in there was to get Stone (still don’t have it – lol). 

Anyway, on to the review!

All jokes and ridiculous stories aside, this palette is really nice. Obviously in this palette you can’t create a full look as there are no mattes or anything that can be used as a transition colour, but the pay-off of all the shades is really nice and each shade can be used as a really nice lid colour to add a little extra shine and sparkle to your look.
The white shade makes a really popping inner corner highlight and the golden one looks beautiful on top of browns and golds – I think this will be stunning come Autumn. My favourite by far is the brown one, as it’s very duo-chrome and in some lights you can see its gorgeous blue glitters. 
I think for these shadows to reach their full potential you need some Fix+ and a really flat brush (there’s one from Morphe I like to use but I can’t remember its name) to really pack the colour on, as dry the pay-off can be a little patchy and light in places. 
I’d liken these to the Urban Decay Moondust shadows. The pinky shade is really similar to one that is in the Moondust palette which Urban Decay released in the summer. However, I find the Moondust shadows can be a little messy and provide a bit of fall-out, and these MAC ones really don’t. Although, I would advise cleaning your undereye up with a bit of powder after using because even the best glitter eye-shadows get a bit of transfer. 
As far as value for money goes, I’d say that for MAC eyeshadows this quad is a steel. It’s £25 which roughly works out at £6 an eyeshadow, which is really good value considering buying a pan of shadow at MAC is £10. 
I hate reviewing limited edition stuff because often readers may not be able to get it. As you know, you can’t get this online but you may be able to find it in selected MAC stores. This is the only item I got from this collection but if you like this palette then it’s worth checking out some of the other items they have in the collection. There is a gorgeous cream eyeshadow palette which Tati and Pixiwoo have both raved about and if I wasn’t on such a tight budget I probably would have picked that up to. 
All in all, if you can get your paws on this palette and it’s something you’d wear, get it. It’s a nice little shimmery novelty in my make up bag which just makes me happy. 

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