Stila eyeliners get a lot of hype on the internet. The most recent example I can think of was Zoella claiming that she’d never found an eyeliner that could last as long. I’ve never tried these eyeliners before. Personally, I was a fan of the MAC Kohl liners, Rimmel Kohl liners and the Illamasqua ones. However, in the space of 2 weeks I lost the lid to my favourite MAC black eyeliner (Bold Brilliance) and lost my Rimmel Kohl brown liner altogether, so I was in the market for some new ones.
Stila is always a brand I’ve liked and I’ve heard so much hype about these eyeliners so when I saw a set of 5 for £25 on BeautyBay, I couldn’t resist! I quickly added them to my basket and waited patiently for the parcel to arrive.

In this set you get 5 eyeliners: a staple black called ‘stingray’; a shimmery brown called ‘lionfish’; a shiny burgundy called ‘aubergine’; a navy blue imaginatively called ‘navy’ and a garish green called ’emerald’. They are all full-size eyeliners with 0.28g of product in them.

A few positives to start:

The black shade is gorgeous, creamy and matte which is perfect. It’s exactly what I’d look for in a black eyeliner and it does not budge. I could (and do, often) cry my eyes out and it would stay. I showered with a swatch on my hand and the black is the only one that stayed. Amazing.  This eyeliner passes the Marley & Me test.

The consistency of the navy and aubergine eyeliners is lovely. While they’re not colours I’d use everyday I can see myself getting use out of them. Emerald has a nice texture but it’s just a little garish for me right now. They do stay on all day, but slip if I cry or rub my eyes. They didn’t last the shower test but preform moderately in the Marley & Me test.

The value for money is insanely good. I urge you to check out BeautyBay’s Outlet to see if you can get your paws on one.

Now, negatives:

The brown is awful and I’m sad. Maybe I got a dud? Who knows? All I know is that it’s crap. The texture is scratchy, the nib doesn’t twist up, the colour is patchy so much so that you can’t get one straight line complete, you have to go over it. It’s unpleasant to put in your waterline and honestly, I hate it. Avoid Lionfish. Fail.

If you’re looking to buy individual liners, I’d recommend Stingray highly. The others are okay but I think there’s better out there. Rimmel do better colours and they’re a fraction of the price. Stingray, however, is amazing. I would recommend 100%.

Swatches from top to bottom: lionfish, stingray, aubergine, navy and emerald.

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