Welcome to the series in which I’m aiming to revisit some cult classics from way back when I started loving make up and talk about whether they’re as good as everyone thought they were and if I still wear them now. The next on the list is Soft & Gentle by MAC. It’s a Mineralize Skin Finish and its a gorgeous golden highlighter. I’ve always been mesmerized by the marbled effect that they Skin Finishes have and this one is no exception – it’s stunning.

About 2 years back, everyone and their dog had this highlighter. I feel like the who ‘glow’ trend hadn’t really kicked off, and at the time I think I only owned one highlighter and even then I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I just knew I wanted this. People were using it as eyeshadow, as face highlight, as inner corner highlight… I just wanted it.

I was browsing in MAC the a few months ago when I came across Soft & Gentle in its new packaging. I thought to myself ‘ah, what the hell, let’s see what I was missing out on in 2014’ and I bought it.

I really like it. It’s definitely beautiful in the pan and looks far less golden in the swatch than it does in the pan. I’m really fair and back in the day the look of bronziness it had about it scared me. I didn’t want to look orange and muddy. However, this highlight just provides a gorgeous subtle but build-able glow when applied with a fan brush, and a bit more of an intense glow when a denser brush is used.

But was it worth all that YouTube hype from back in the day? In my honest opinion, probably not.

It’s nice, but it’s not ground-breaking. I like it and find myself reaching for it often but it doesn’t utterly slay me like some highlighters have in the past (Contour & More UK – I’m looking at you). I understand that back then there wasn’t the highlighter choice there is today and maybe it was ground-breaking for its time, but re-visiting Soft & Gentle hasn’t made me wonder why it’s never talked about anymore.

It’s pretty – looks nice on my cheeks and on my vanity – but I’ve had better. Sorry MAC. I still love you.

If you want to relive your make-up past and get a hold of Soft & Gentle, visit my ‘Shop My Blog’ page where you can find it or head over to MAC’s website.

Now, please enjoy some pictures of my cat ruining my photography!

All in a bid to get out of the window!

This is going to be a monthly or fortnightly segment on my blog so if you have any cult classics you want me to revisit leave your suggestions in the comments. I have some ideas already – MAC Warm Soul blush, MAC Velvet Teddy, Urban Decay Naked Palette (the original)… Let me know below!

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