How To Organise Your Life When You’re On A Budget!

Believe it or not, I’ve found you don’t need 1,000 planners at £20 a pop to organise your life. I’ve found that even this bargain planner from Amazon will do. It’s called the 
 Octogan Design 2017 Monthly Planner  and it’s only £7.76 and I find it perfect for no-fuss monthly organisation. It’s laid out by month and it’s like a calendar you can just carry around. Johnny and I both use it – it’s got enough room for important dates for both of us – and it helps us keep track of our own lives as well as each others.
I also use it to plan out blog posts, deciding what I want to post and when. It gives me a great idea of how my month is going to turn out for my blog. I photographed March before I’d written much on it apart from important dates I had to remember (like Crufts and my brother’s birthday) so it looks a little bland – but I didn’t want to spoil all my future blog posts for you – did I? 
I’m planning on really personalising it and making it look really cute but I haven’t managed to do that yet – let me know if you’d like an ‘updated planner’ post when I’ve done! I have visions of adding photos on the inside covers and then wrapping it with really cute wrapping paper from Paperchase or something. I don’t need any excuse to go to Paperchase, let’s be honest. And I’m hoping to convince Johnny that a label maker is a really worthy investment!

If you want one for yourself, you can find it here!


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