Purse-Friendly Make Up || Doing High-End On A Budget

I make no effort to hide my monetary situation. I’m a university student and that comes hand in hand with being broke. When you look at minus numbers on your bank account nearly daily it’s hard to try out the latest high-end goodies that everyone else seems to have. However, I manage to get my paws on some of the latest make-up that’s usually a higher price point – and here’s how.

Free Samples!

Magazines often have free samples of make-up and skincare so if you see them, snatch them up. Elle magazine usually give away a lot of Benefit goodies (in the last 2 years I’ve gotten a lot of Benefit samples from Elle – a Roller Lash mascara, a Goof Proof Brow Pencil, A Ready Set Brow! (see above) and a Dew The Hoola mini) so it’s really worth buying those if you can’t afford the full size. The samples last for ages as well. I’ve had my Ready, Set, Brow! for over 6 months and it’s still not over yet!


Decide which items you would prefer to have as high-end. If you’re like me and find that drugstore foundations just don’t match your skin like Charlotte Tilbury and Nars ones too then prioritise that as a high-end purchase that you can justify because you’re buying everything else from Boots! See, am I a genius or what? The drugstore has some amazing items – there’s no need for snobbery. Brands like Sleek have great eyeshadows on a budget, Maybelline do great mascaras and I’ve found Seventeen have an amazing loose powder for your bake. For brushes, I’d advise Morphe and Spectrum brushes – low cost & high quality!

Find Bargains!

If you live near a Kiko, go into a Kiko right now. I mean it. Right now. Their sales are out of this world and the quality of their items is pretty decent. I’d put their usual price point between the drugstore and high-end make up. Slightly below MAC but slightly higher than NYX. But their sales put them on the level of Revolution or Essence. Seriously. They often have eyeshadows like the ones above for £1.70. I got a lip liner in there the other day for 90p! Another place to find good high-end bargains is BeautyBay’s outlet which often has brands like Lime Crime, Jeffree Star, Stila, Illamasqua, Make Up Geek, ABH and Gerad Cosmetics on sale for 30%, 50% and even 75% off! I just went on their website so I could link it for you and realised some eyeliners I bought last week are now £15 when I paid £25. I’m now angry.

Birthdays & Christmas!

Ask for make-up for Christmas – but make sure you get specific so clueless family members don’t buy the wrong things. My boyfriend is great at anticipating my make up needs. For my birthday he got me a whole set of Morphe brushes because he’d seen me looking at them on BeautyBay and for Valentine’s Day he got me a Kat Von D contour palette. My dad has bought me Naked palettes before and my auntie got me a Too Faced Chocolate Bar one year! This is kind of an obvious step but has been really useful for me getting things I wouldn’t be able to afford.

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