Tasty Tuesday || What I Eat In A Day (Uni Edition)

Quick disclaimer: I don’t have the healthiest diet. I definitely don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables. I am not preaching in this post that you should eat what I eat. These posts are really interesting for me to read, and so I wanted to write one myself. This is what I typically eat on a weekday at university – in all it’s glory. Also, since like last Monday, I’ve been cutting out snacking. So I used to eat like a bar of chocolate after dinner but I am not snacking anymore! Be proud of me please! Also, I’m making Tasty Tuesday a biweekly segment, so let me know what you think of that!

So, let’s just begin!

So, this is my typical breakfast! I usually eat it around 9am because I’m not all that hungry when I first wake up. I always have cereal and my cereal of choice is Weetabix. This flavour is the Apple & Raisin one which is fine but I don’t think they’re my favourite – despite the fact I am obsessed with raisins in stuff. I just really like raisins. I also had a handful of raspberries and a cup of just normal English breakfast tea with one sugar and semi-skimmed cows milk. 
At about 10:30am I made this smoothie to take with me to my lecture. I aim to have 2-3 smoothies a week just because they’re an easy way to consume fruit – and you can use frozen fruit so it doesn’t go off! In this smoothie I had raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and redcurrants and I blended it with some apple juice just to lubricate it a bit. That sounded weird. Sorry. I drank this between 11-12pm and it was really good. 
Photographing this made me wonder why I was doing this. For lunch I was still kind of full from the smoothie so I had two seeded Riveta crackers, three chunks of mature cheddar from the Co-Op and a bag of Skips because honestly they are the best crisps. I think they have surpassed Wotsits in my mind as the best crisps ever. They are really great. I also had a glass of lemon water with lunch but I failed to photograph that.
And then it was dinner time! I had half of a cheese pizza from ASDA, a baby spinach and red pepper salad and used the garlic and herb dip you get with it as a salad dressing which was a 10/10 decision and I really want to do that again. I really enjoyed this dinner. I also had 2 vegan brownies afterwards because my flatmate was baking them and she offered some to me. They were alright but in my opinion you can’t make brownies without real butter! 
I failed with documenting my drinking! But, I drank 1l of lemon water (tap water with 1/4 of a lemon chopped up and just thrown in & refrigerated over night – very delicious!), another cup of tea after dinner and with each of my meals I had a big glass of White Grape & Peach high juice which is one of my favourites along with apple & mango and apple & elderflower! 

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