WORTH THE HYPE?! || Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette!

I was very pleased this Valentine’s Day to receive this stunning Kat Von D contour palette! It was most definitely a case of #TheBoyDidGood. This palette has been very hyped up on social media so I thought this was a perfect product to do a Worth The Hype post about.

I know this palette has been out for a while but we’ve only recently just got Kat Von D in the UK (you can now get it in Debenhams – woohoo!) and it was actually only this month that I tried any of their products myself. I bought the Tattoo Liner myself (which is really nice & I would recommend) and Johnny bought this for me.

I’m not an everyday contour-er, because I find that it can just look too much for dashing out to a lecture, but if I have an event on, I do love a good contour. This palette is perfect. It has 3 contour shades – one light, one medium and one darker – and three highlights. My favourite highlighter is the banana coloured one, but I use it to set my eyelids and under-eye concealer more than I do for highlighting. I’m quite pale so the lighter 2 shades (one warmer and one cooler) are what I mostly use but the darker contour shade is perfect on my eyes as a matte brown crease colour. See? A very diverse palette! I like that there’s something for most skin tones in this palette.

The formula is very soft and buttery and it’s very easy to blend these colours out – they’re not really muddy at all. They’re highly pigmented so a little goes a long way; I can tell I’m going to get years of use our of this. I find that sometimes they do kick up a bit when you put your brush in, but it’s not too much that I can’t handle it.

It’s not a bad price either. I believe Johnny paid £36 for it as that’s how much it is in Debenhams, which isn’t bad to be honest. For a good quality contour palette, I would happily pay that.  It also makes contouring really simple as it comes with a guide! So, even if you have no idea how to make your cheekbones look like they were crafted by angels, you will do after you get this contour kit!

So, lets do a lowdown.

Quality: 9/10
Pigmentation: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Blend-ability: 9/10
Worth the hype?: Yes!

I believe that this contour palette is worth the hype that it gets! I know I don’t really have much to compare it to as I haven’t tried its competitors (like the ABH one) but I don’t see how it can be much better than this one! This KVD contour palette gets a thumbs up from me!

What are your favourite contouring items? Let me know below!

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