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It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty-style post on the blog and it’s for no reason other than I’ve been on holiday and haven’t had a chance to take any pictures. Well, now I’ve got some and I’m excited to talk about this perfume, which since Christmas has now easily become my favourite ever. It’s Love Story by Chloé.
I have never bought myself a high-end perfume because I can’t justify that kind of spending but I have been lucky enough to receive them as presents for my birthday and Christmas and this Christmas my dad gifted me this which was a pleasant surprise as I had asked for it but never expected to get it! Since my name is Chloe, I’d always wanted to try one of the Chloe fragrances and since one of my favourite artists is Taylor Swift and she has a song called ‘Love Story’, I knew this perfume would be perfect for me and it is. (I did smell it before I asked for it and loved the scent – I didn’t base my decision on the name, though it helped.)
I’m completely crap at describing scents, but this perfume is really floral and fresh. The people at Chloé say that is a ‘floral composition, which explores the note of orange blossom. The scent is clean and fresh, made from neroli, orange blossom and stephanotis’. I personally don’t know if it actually smells like this, but I can concur that it is a very floral, spring-time perfume and I’ve fallen head over heels for it. 

One squirt on the neck and the wrists has me smelling lovely all day. While I thought nothing could serpas Marc Jacob’s Daisy Dream for me, Chloé Love Story has. It’s slightly fresher which is something I really look for in a fragrance as I find that heavier perfumes can make me feel sick. I also tend to get chest pains from some ingredients in some perfumes so I am very pleased that Love Story doesn’t do this for me! 

Overall, this perfume is bloody lovely and if you like deliciously floral fragrances then you should definitely try it out. It’s around £50-70 a bottle, so if you’re looking to splash out for a new spring/summer perfume then I suggest trying this one. It definitely does my name justice.

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  1. April 26, 2017 / 3:23 am

    It sounds lovely! Their packaging is always so sweet and feminine.
    I have always smelled Chloe perfumes when i'm at the mall, and they're so divine! But I've always gone for the white diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor, but it's not as florally as I would like. I think it might be time to splurge on this one.

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