STORY TIME || Awkward Letting Agent Experience

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As some of you might know, Johnny & I have been looking for a flat in London recently. We have only seen three flats so far but our first ever viewing was the most awkward viewing of my entire life. And here’s why. 
We arranged over the phone to meet the agent at his office and he would drive us to the property. The property we were viewing was in Leytonstone and the office was in Leyton, which meant a ten minute car ride. Johnny and I met the agent at the office and introduced ourselves to him. This would have been a great time for this man to offer his name, maybe ask us some questions about our property preferences etc. However, he didn’t. We only found out his name was John from the bluetooth in his car announcing it was paired to John’s iPhone. So, an awkward start. 
After a 10 minute drive in complete silence we arrived at the property and John let us in a led us up the three flights of stairs to the flat. The flat wasn’t very big so it took John around 10 minutes to show us all the rooms. Johnny decided while we were in the bedroom that it was a good idea to ask about pets, as Johnny has a little dog that he wants to bring with him – obviously. John told us the landlord allowed pets and led us back into the kitchen so I could inspect the boiler (I know – I’m such an adult now!). Johnny continued to quiz John about the area of Leytonstone and what local amenities there were.  John told us of the 24 hour McDonalds, the Tesco, the Wetherspoons and the local club, called O’Niells. This was going a whole lot better.
Until, John put his foot in his mouth. 
“There’s also a park just over there – so you two can go dogging if you want to.”
Uh… What?! 
Johnny and I couldn’t help it; we looked at each other and just burst out laughing. Through laughs, I managed to say “Um, we’re not really into that.”
John was mortified – obviously meaning that we could take Skye out for a walk in the field, not that we might like to drive a car up there in the middle of the night and engage in seedy coitus with strangers. Embarrassed, John decided that the viewing was over and showed us out and into his car. The journey back to the office was awkward, but John did point out the tube station and the local club. 
Overall, it was quite an awkward experience. The dogging comment wasn’t even that bad – it’s that John didn’t even tell us his name! Our other two viewings have gone a bit better, even though the second flat we saw was disgustingly grim. There was pee in the toilet. Yuk.
Have you had any awkward encounters recently? Let me know in the comments!

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