Blogger’s Guide To University: Studying From Home

Today’s university story comes from Jay over at Comic Books & Yellow Ducks and she has a rather unique university experience, as she opted to stay at home while she studied. 
“University was such a great experience for me and deciding to stay at home was a difficult decision. I knew the area, I knew the people and I knew everything about my city so I decided to stay home. I wondered if I’d miss out on some experiences and being away from home but I knew that wouldn’t bother me. 
My class at University was relatively small of around 20 people so we all worked in a big group and we all got on with each other. Obviously I grew close to a few people, one I even ended up living with which was a fun experience. 
I’m friends with quite a few people from my class still and I made quite a few friends outside of my course too which I’m still in touch with. I have one best friend who I see all the time and she was on my course too so we have a lot in common and we like to reminisce a lot about our time at university.
I can see why there’s a worry with making friends at university but most of the people starting are in the same boat – they’re in a brand new city knowing nobody. That’s exactly what Fresher’s events and meet ups are for and you make friends very quickly and easily both on your course, in your building and most definitely the people you live with. Although I didn’t experience this myself, I saw it happen so often and I was one that people became friends with.
I think it was helpful me knowing the city, the clubs and where to eat so people relied on my help for directions and recommendations which they appreciated. I think everyone who goes to University makes friends with someone who has lived there forever – it’s a huge help!
Going to University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I don’t regret anything at all. I made some amazing friends and I know that even now, we could meet up and I’d be like nothing’s changed. I occasionally bump into someone from my course or a lecturer and we always have a catch up and say how much we miss our class.
If you’re worried about feeling lonely or making any friends – really try not to, you’ll make friends within a day or two and I guarantee you’ll make friends for life.”
Thank you so much to Jay for this post. If you have a university story that you would like to share, then please do not hesitate to comment below or drop me a DM on Twitter – I would love to hear from you.

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