Blogger’s Guide To University: Expectations & Realties

Before I went to university, I had a few ideas of what it was going to be like from films, general stereotypes and university prospectuses. However, some aspects of university were completely different to how I imagined. In this post, I have collaborated with the lovely Hayley to stamp out those rumours and give you the no-bullshit guide to university. Here’s what Hayley had to say:

Hi everybody, I’m Hayley from! I am currently in my final year of uni where I’m studying photography, and let me tell you, it’s not been easy! Before I started uni, I was overwhelmed with excitement at all the possibilities and opportunities uni is said to bring. One thing everyone constantly told me was ‘You’re going to make so many friends and meet so many new people!’ so naturally, I believed them.

However, since starting uni I feel like I haven’t actually made that many friends. I started off moving into halls, which is where I thought I’d make the majority of my friends, but actually I made the least friends here. When I moved in, I was actually living with 3 boys and 1 girl. One boy never really came out of his room, and whilst I got on with the other two boys, they ended up dropping out of uni. The girl I lived with was nice enough and we went on a few nights out together, but we just didn’t click which meant there wasn’t really a meaningful friendship there.

So, what about friends on my course? Well, when I started, a lot of people got put together in halls so they already spent two weeks together before we started and had done freshers week together, so I felt everyone was in their little groups already. On top of this, I just felt I didn’t have anything in common with anyone and I’m naturally a shy person anyway so if someone doesn’t initiate conversation with me first, I’m pretty much screwed! I talk to people on my course whilst at uni, but it only happens at uni and not outside of it, so again, they’re not meaningful friendships.

If I were to do the whole university experience again, I would definitely apply to more societies and sports. The cheerleading club looks like a lot of fun, and there are plenty of societies to choose from too. I think another thing that doesn’t help is that I’ve had to have a job the whole time I’ve been at uni just to have enough money to get by, so when people have invited me out, I’ve been at work instead. In my first two years at university, I only worked night shifts at work as I thought this was most convenient and meant I had the whole day to uni work each day, but I think if I were to do it again, I’d rather do a couple day shifts so I am able to socialise too as I feel having friends to support you at uni is so important.

I have made friends through my job luckily, and a lot of us are students, but it would be nice to have people also doing my course that I can go to for help when I need it! Other than that, I have actually really enjoyed uni despite not having the typical experience of getting drunk every week!

Hayley x”

Thank you so much to Hayley for collaborating with me on this post! The Blogger’s Guide to uni is a brand new series where I am getting Blogger’s views to build up a resource for prospective university students to use to get the no-bullshit guide to uni. If you’re interested in writing a post for this segment, please do contact me. 

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