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disneyland paris

If you know me then you’ll know that I live for Disney. Everything that I live and I breathe has some kind of Disney relevance to it. You may remember that back in September of last year, Johnny and I took a trip to Paris for my 20th birthday. In our little 4 day adventure, we got to relive my childhood and make all my birthday dreams come true at Disneyland Paris. I like to share with you my money saving tips on my blog – as you’ll well know if you’re an avid reader – and we managed to do Disneyland Paris (so a hotel, park tickets, all our food and drink, the Eurostar and a day trip to Paris) for around £300 each. So, if you’re a Disney nut like me and you’re looking to quench your Disney thirst, here are my money saving tips.


The Eurostar is a fantastic way to get from England to France with very little hassle. Return tickets to DLP from London Kings Cross are usually £75 for adults, but we booked during a sale which the Eurostar does have quite often. Under 25s also qualify as students – whether you’re studying or not – so Johnny and I managed to get a further reduction because of this. You can get a direct train to Disneyland Paris from London, but we opted to change at Lille Europe to make the trip a little cheaper and it wasn’t much of an inconvenience. If you are planning on doing this though, be mindful to pack a coat or a jumper with you as Lille station does not have any walls and Johnny and I were pretty chilly as we had an hour’s layover.


Disney fans, I can feel your eyes twitching at this suggestion. We stayed offsite when we went to Disneyland last year. We stayed in the Vienna House Magic Circus and it was honestly a really lovely hotel. It’s very close to Disney – around 10 minutes on a free shuttle bus – and still has a Disney store in the lobby. The staff were lovely and extremely accommodating when we’d checked out and Johnny realised he’d left his phone in the room. The rooms were gorgeous with huge beds and glorious garden views. The breakfast was lovely as well, with lots of choice to keep you full up for the day. Even though we didn’t stay on-site, we paid almost a 1/4 of what a stay at the Santa Fe (Disneyland’s cheapest hotel) would’ve cost us. Even though it’s my dream to stay in the Disneyland Hotel again as an adult, staying offsite is not as bad as you think it might be. We are going to save staying onsite for when we go to Florida next year.

disneyland paris


What makes Disneyland expensive is the tickets to the park itself (unavoidable) and then the food within the parks. We didn’t eat a meal inside of Disney and only bought one coffee the entire time we were there inside the parks. Instead, we ate in the village (slightly cheaper) or in the many restaurants that the Val D’Europe has to offer, which is literally a 10 minute taxi ride from Disneyland. We bought supermarket snacks into the parks with us for sustenance and also bottles of water and juice which meant we didn’t have to break for lunch. I would have loved to dine at Chez Remy but for me, the dining at Disneyland Paris isn’t as appealling as the dining in Florida. In Florida, there’s far more choice and far more food worth the Disney price tag. In Paris, it’s mostly quick service meals – so chicken nuggets, burgers, chips and that kind of thing. In my opinion, not always worth the price!


We took £200 worth of Euros, which lasted us 3 nights worth of meals. We only usually had a main course and one alcoholic beverage, although I did have a drink or two more on my actual birthday (I was celebrating!). Johnny was really diligent about how much we should spend on our meals as he was in charge of the money and we ended up with some euros left over at the end of our trip, which was really good going. For spending money, I actually didn’t budget that much for that because my family all gave me Euros for my birthday. I spent most of my Euros in Sephora but I did get a few little Disney keepsakes in the parks.

So, there we are! Those are my tips for doing DisneyLand Paris on a budget! If you have any tips on how to do Disney – whatever park it might be – then please do let me know in the comments below. And, I hope you’re liking the new Disney content. I’ve been really wanting to branch off into some more Disney content for a while as it’s such a big part of my life. There’s now also a Disney category on my drop-down menu, so you can go and give that a gander if you fancy! See ya real soon!

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  1. April 16, 2018 / 8:19 pm

    I loved this post! I’m going to Disneyland Paris in June as a Birthday treat and I will definitely be using some of these tips. I’m also going to look at the offstite hotels for future trips as I never realised some have a free shuttle there.
    Brooke x

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