3 Top Student Money-Saving Tips

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Money is one of the biggest stressors in life. Especially if you’re like me and decided to go to uni in London, meaning that you’re now obliged to pay rent in the most expensive city in the UK for 3 years minimum. Probably a bit of poor planning on your part there, Chloe. I juggle my blog and also a part-time job in order to make sure I have some cash floating about as I am definitely someone who likes to treat herself, especially when it comes to expensive Disney holidays. Here are my tips for saving money when you’re on a tight budget and little ways to make sure my pennies go further.


Cash back sites are one of the main ways that I manage to save a little money and get a return on the stuff I’d usually buy anyway. One of my favourites to use is The Lucky Checkout Club as it has so many of my favourite retailers on it, like Superdrug. When you shop on Lucky Checkout Club, your name is automatically entered into a prize draw and you could be legible to win cash prizes every month. If you’re doing your food shop, say through the Co-Op or Iceland, you can just go through The Lucky Checkout Club to do it, paying no extra money than you would for your usual shop, and viola, you could be in the running for a huge cash prize every month. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic site to use because it’s costing you no extra money but could gain you a huge return. If you’re moving into a student house this year, they also have deals on utilities. You can head over and be in for a nice little cash prize if you fancy getting your WiFi through PlusNet.


Ever since I started accepting sponsored content, using affiliate links and other really easy ways to monetise your blog I’ve found money has been a little less tight. Even if you only have a small following, like I do, it’s still quite easy to find little ways to monetise your content. Of course, we’re not talking anything shady here. Always be transparent when something is making you money online. You can find lots of opportunities through Twitter and Facebook and this is where I find most of mine. Obviously not every student has a blog and can do this, but there are lots of other ways to make money online – like taking paid surveys for example. Also, anyone can use the app 21 Buttons in order to get an affiliate commission from their outfits so that might be one to look into if you’re a fashion lover.


This is something that, up until pretty recently, I was really bad at. But now, whenever I make a little bit of money from my blog or whenever I get paid from work, I always put half of what I make into a savings account. This is tricky and it does mean limiting your spending but this is how I manage to go on nice holidays every year (or more than once a year – haha) and also how I afford to have decent food, not just Pot Noodles and toast everyday. Having a healthy savings account means that you always have a back-up incase of an emergency and it makes panicking about money occur a little less often. I also think it’s a really good way to budget for saving for a deposit on a house, or a new car or something huge like that.

So, there we have it. These are the ways that I save/make a little extra cash every month to help me fund my nice holidays and my expensive food habits. Of course I could be much better at saving money but these tips will definitely help you get there. Now I just need to get Johnny on board with them!
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