A Personal Injury Story

Last week, we spent a lot of time at hospital and I’ll tell you why. Luckily, it wasn’t me who was injured but it was Johnny. He ended up twisting a ligament in his knee and even now he still can’t walk on it properly. It was an incredibly difficult couple of weeks for us – you never really realise how much you need your knee until you can’t use it. Dealing with an injury is very difficult.

Coming out of work 3 weeks ago, Johnny felt something really odd happen in his knee. He was climbing the stairs out of his work place and onto the street when he felt his knee pop. He rides a motorbike to work so thought nothing of the strange pop, hopped on his bike and started to make the 45 minute ride home. Luckily, his accident didn’t happen at work but if yours had, you could be entitled to compensation and perhaps it would be a good idea for you to get a lawyer involved. Winters and Yonker are a great personal injury attorney Tampa if you need suggestions.

Johnny got off his bike at home, put his foot on the ground and it collapsed beneath him. He cried out in pain so much so that I heard him from inside our flat. He hobbled to the door and I helped him in, made him sit down and offered ice for his knee but he declined. I gave him some painkillers and a cup of coffee, and helped him to bed. He said he might need to go to the doctor tomorrow if it still didn’t feel better. I thought this was a wise idea, but hoped he’d just strained it a little and that it would be fine in the morning.

But, it wasn’t.

Johnny phoned the GP the next morning and she told him to go to A&E as the GP probably wouldn’t be able to help him. So, we took the 10 minute bus journey to our local hospital. Walking to the bus stop was incredibly painful for Johnny and a 5 minute walk to the bus stop took us 20 minutes. Once we got to the hospital, we were referred to Urgent Care where we waited for about 3 hours to be seen by the nurse. Once we got in, she referred us for an x-ray and we waited again a further 30 minutes to have that done, and then a further 30 minutes for the results. The nurse said she didn’t know what it was and we’d have to be referred to see a doctor but she suspected it could be a fracture. She gave Johnny a knee brace and a crutch – which made walking easier – and an appointment to see the doctor a week later. At this appointment, the doctor confirmed our suspicions that it was a twisted ligament and has now referred Johnny to physio.

Johnny’s knee is now a lot better. He doesn’t need a crutch to walk and has downgraded to a smaller knee support but it’s still not right and we are still waiting for the physio to start to get him right back on track. His injury is much better.

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