Easy Going Holiday Decor Ideas

Easy Going Holiday Decor Ideas To Trust

With the change in the leaves and crisp air blowing, the holiday months are on the threshold. It brings in fabulous funs and festivities and people spend more time with their family and friends. It is the time for socializing, having a sip of vintage wine sitting in front of the fire. There will be parties to dine and dance with the loved ones. All these are no doubt good. There will also be some occasions when you will have to organize parties at your home to mark the festivities. For all these, you need to decorate your home for creating a nice festive ambiance so that your guest can have a glimpse of the gala and grandeur of your place.

Other than the homes, one has also to decorate the offices to keep pace with mood of the festive occasion. Regardless of the type and style of the business, all commercial places also arrange formal business parties and for this, you have to decorate the office space for impressing your business guests. Of course, you can take professional help for decorating your home and offices during the festive season, but that lacks your personal touch. Since there is nothing more satisfying than making own decorations, we are giving here some unique holiday decor ideas that you may consider.

  1. Be creative and crafty with what you have

Start with the free stuff available. Gather company greeting cards. These come with beautiful graphics and vibrant colors. Display the collection of the cards sent by the clients, and customers at the living room or at reception areas of your commercial setting. These will elevate the place and take everyone into a nice holiday mood.  if you can grab some colored scrap paper, you may cut snowflake designs and hang them from the ceiling with a string or can fix them on the walls transform your home and office into a wonderland.

  1. Illuminate the exterior

Whether you are planning to do holiday decoration of your home or office, the exterior should be the first point to start with.  The outdoor being the first point of contact with your guests a well-decorated exterior can be much impressive. Illuminate the roof lines for highlighting the angles, contours, and edges of the home and office. You can do this using colorful bulbs or LED lights. Also, illuminate the bushes, driveways, walkways and also wrap trees with light for creating a dreamy atmosphere.

  1. Go simple but stylish

Thinking out of the box holds the key for holiday decoration. Grab some old empty boxes and wrap those with gift wrapping paper, and tie with ribbons and bows for a facelift. Place those at various places inside the premises. This will definitely elevate the place.

  1.  Make a unique Christmas tree

Maybe you have told everyone that you are not in favor of Christmas trees as you support “save the tree movement”, and is against deforestation.  But, what alternative can be there? Get all the books that you can gather. These need not be the encyclopedias only. Garb everything from magazines to trash novels and the encyclopedias that you seldom use. Arrange the books starting from the big ones at the base to the thin ones to the top. Once completed, illuminate the book tree with LED light for creating a mesmerizing look.

  1. Decorate with wreaths

Wreaths also happen to be great holiday decor items. They can be made in all shapes and look fabulous when hanged at the entrance. These also look gorgeous when hanged against windows, and make nice focal points in the commercial and residential interiors. Wreaths can be made in many ways. You may glue bows of different colors to make an amazing wreath. In fact, wreaths can be included anywhere and everywhere for a nice holiday decoration.

  1. Have a DIY cocktail bar

Nothing is more enjoyable in a holiday party than letting the guests make their own cocktails. This will make them feel at home and will keep the drinks flowing. Better, create a bar making the party live. To choose the drinks, you must arrange the usual suspects along with some vintage collection.  Also, arrange tonic water, club soda, and juice to complete the arrangement. Illuminate with LED lights and holiday ornaments to spruce up the place.

  1. Lit up the hallway

No matter if it is your home or commercial complex, lighting up the hallway is a great holiday decor idea. Just lit up the ceiling with twinkling lights, and impart a holiday mood. It will also make your place sparkle.

  1. Create a frosty snowman

If you have a white fridge, Clear everything from the door and decorate it with paper cuttings and ribbons to create a frosty fridge snowman. This is easy to do and cute.

  1. Decorate with faux greens

Beautiful greens add grace and elegance to home and commercial settings. People have a natural affinity towards greens, and when they are near nature they feel relaxed and cheered up. But, using live plants for holiday decoration has some associated pitfalls. These require right soil and as they need sunlight, they cannot be placed everywhere in the indoor. Moreover, they need a lot of maintenance to keep them glowing. But the faux greens have no such hassles. Coming in standard pots they can be installed very easily.

Artificial greens are available in a wide range of varieties including flowers, plants, topiaries, palms, hanging bushes etc., and these can be customized to fit any landscaping theme.  Being professionally made from high-grade foliage, and strong colorfast pigments, these look absolutely real and refreshing. You may create a nice lush green periphery with fake palms. This will bring in a nice tropical feel irrespective of the location. Hedges can also be used to define the pathways and driveways. Coming in the shape of spirals, balls and cones etc, the topiaries make great focal points in the exterior and interior as well. When lit with LED lights, these will create a magical ambiance at the home and office.


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