Modern Day Disney Princess-ing With Boohoo

As I’m writing this post, it’s 21 degrees outside and it feels like summer. Because we are in Britain, I can’t see this weather lasting for much longer but today I’m going to talk to you about a dress that’s not only affordable, but extremely beautiful and flattering if you’re an hourglass figure like I am. But not only this, it gives me extreme Disney princess vibes. Specifically, Rapunzel vibes. And yes, I know, Rapunzel didn’t have as much cleavage as I have in this dress but she’s a cartoon aimed at children and I’m an adult woman with big titties. C’est la vie.

This beautiful dress is from Boohoo  and it is the Eliza Strappy Plunge Skater Dress in ‘Mauve’ and, for size reference, I received this in a Size 12. The material is lightweight and stretchy and I cannot wait to wear this on my trip to DisneyLand Paris in the summer with one of my best pals, Emma as I believe this will be the perfect dress to Disney Bound with as Rapunzel. And the best part about this dress is that it’s only £15. I personally find it a little low cut to wear a bra with, so in these pictures I’ve opted for bra-less. I hope that’s not too scandalous for you all.

I’m in dire need of some more summer dresses. A lot of mine from last year I can’t seem to find (although I know they must be around somewhere, I’m just too good at tidying things away) and so I definitely want to up my game, especially as we have a summer holiday booked this year which we didn’t last year. I absolutely love skater dresses because I really feel like that suit my body shape. As I have an hourglass figure, I have quite large upper legs and bum, large boobs but I’ve got, for my size, a fairly tiny waist.

This year I really want to excentuate these features in my fashion choices and because skater dresses like this beautiful one sinch you in so nicely at the waist, they really flatter my body shape. For a casual look, I just pair them with my white converse and a very simple necklace. For a dinner out, an event or even a wedding I’d pair these with a pair of strappy, black heels. For an evening, I’d probably take my bright pink FitBit off, but for the daytime I need to know what my steps are – haha! You can actually get some great discounts for Schuh on Groupon, which means you can get the Converse for almost as cheap as the dress. You all know how I feel about a bargain – I love one! Check out Groupon for great deals on Shuch.

This is my Disney Princess Dress – and it’s super affordable too. What dress style have you been loving this summer?
Dress was provided free of charge by Post sponsored by Groupon.

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