3 Ways To Unwind

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I’m one of those people who finds it really tricky to switch off. I think it’s because I’m always on social media, always worrying about Instagram engagement or stuff like that and don’t really give myself a chance to unwind. However, sometimes you just have to take some time to chill out for your own good. Here are three ways which I like to unwind at the end of a really hectic day.

Have a Glass of Wine

Having a cheeky glass of Sauvignon at the end of the day can really help me slip out of that ‘work’ mode and into ‘play’ mode. The wine has to be cold, it has to be white and it has to be dry: these are my only conditions. I really like wine which is something 17 year old me would never have thought I’d ever say, but I really like the taste of it and also the relaxant that it is. While you should definitely not use alcohol as the only way to relax (please drink responsibly), it definitely can add to a relaxing evening.

Have a Pamper Session

Doing a face mask, shaving my legs, applying a fresh tan and having the nicest, steamiest shower can really help me relax. I would add ‘having a bath’ to this list but unfortunately, as it stands, we do not own a bath – which makes me very sad. Taking time to look after yourself and making yourself feel good physically can also make you feel good mentally. Doing a face mask on a week night can feel super luxurious.

Watch a Disney Movie

I could not do a blog post on how to unwind without a mention of Disney, could I? The first thing I did when I got home from my last exam was watch Toy Story 2. I find watching films that I watched as a child, such as Disney films, so incredibly relaxing. Disney has been a huge part of my life since I was a child. I was obsessed with the Aristocats, Cinderella and Belle as a young’un and that obsession still remains with me as an adult. Turning on a Disney film really relaxes me, as it reminds me of a time when I was a carefree kid.

So there we have it! My top tips on how I stay relaxed and zen all the time.

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