City house, country home: interior design ideas for an urban country pad

Buying a property in the city certainly has its benefits. You’ve no doubt noticed the increased career and networking opportunities, and are reaping the benefits of attractions, entertainment and dining establishments.


However, I also miss my West Country roots. Sure, city properties are convenient, but they can’t always offer the charm and character that country pads do. There’s something inherently romantic about rustic living, after all.


What do you do when your current home and your dream location don’t quite match up? Why, you harness your interior design skills and turn that city house into a country home, of course. It could be easier than you think.


Incorporate different textures


Country homes exude character, which is achieved via various textures and features. Your faux-country pad shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up a little, either. Pair exposed brickwork and wooden beams with a statement fireplace and stripped floors. A chunky rug will add warmth and depth, while stone floors are a wonderful farmhouse staple. These kinds of features are reminiscent of outbuildings and village life, and will add bags of character to any home.


Furnish your home wisely


Perhaps you’re looking to achieve that countryside vibe on a shoestring. Few pieces of furniture scream “rural living” quite like a statement farm table, for example. Sturdy wooden furniture will add charm to your home, while bringing practicality to boot. Sanded cupboards, an antique stove or AGA cooker and big, comfy armchairs are quintessentially country. Flea markets and vintage stores are a fantastic place to shop for rustic furniture. After all, mismatched is perfect for this theme.




Think countryside and lots of light and fresh air. City living can be grey and drab at the best of times, so make clever use of the sunlight that you do receive. Café style shutters are a great way to harness natural light, offering a stunning alternative to curtains or contemporary blinds. Not only will wooden shutters look the part in your shabby chic home, but they’ll also allow you to determine exactly how much light and fresh air you’re filtering into your home. They also tend to work wonders on noise pollution, and nosey passersby.




Nothing will turn your city house into a country home faster than a few carefully chosen accessories. If you plan to redecorate, then choose warm, neutral colours and bright fixtures so that you can change your mind time and time again. Antique farm tools and utensils, hanging pots and pans, rustic signage and gingham will really enliven that farmhouse vibe, while wildflowers, vintage prints and photographs and carefully selected artwork will make you feel as though you’re living in the countryside. Why not use your new home as an excuse to buy yourself flowers every once in a while?


There’s a lot to be said for imaginative and inspiring interior design. How else could you achieve the property of your dreams in the location of your (current) choice? City living is frenetic and vibrant. It’s exciting and convenient. However, it’s not for everyone. Clever interior design is a great way to pair city living with rustic life. Well, until you can afford that sprawling country pad of your dreams, anyway.

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