Duvet Covers – How to Achieve a Calm Bedroom

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Calm is not always desirable in a bedroom – ahem! – but there are occasions when there is a need for a peaceful and tranquil haven. Here are some ways to make sure your bedroom is calm and welcoming at all times.


Cool Colour Scheme

Bright zany colours add warmth and busy-ness to a bedroom, so to calm things down opt for a cool colour palette, using paler tones and pastel shades. Introduce lots of pale hues, and – if you like it – introduce lots of white to further cool and calm the colour scheme. It is important to invest in duvet covers in solid colours rather than patterns. Solid blocks of colour in calming shades will go a long way to setting the tone for the whole bedroom, whilst a patterned duvet set can, like bright colours, add too much vibrancy to a room, making it hard to relax.


Crisp Smooth Duvet Fabrics

The choice of fabric for your duvet set is equally important. Brushed cotton, chenille bedspreads and woollen bedding are all lovely and cosy – but they, and other textured fabrics like them, do not really create a calming environment. Instead, opt for smooth cottons and close-knit fabrics that transform the bed into an inviting and open expanse. No matter the size bedding you need, you can find it readily. To buy single duvet covers you can shop at Yorkshire Linen, and browse the wide range of duvet covers and sets available.


Harmony over Contrast

Match your duvet covers and other bedding to the colour scheme of the room as a whole. Using contrasting colours in your colour scheme is vivid and energetic, while using harmonious shades is calming and soothing. If you are not sure how to pick out harmonising colours, there is a very simple trick: get a colour wheel and pick out the main colour – the one that you want to stand out as being the room’s base colour. Next, pick shades within forty-five degrees of this colour on the wheel – these will be very close harmonies with your base colour. Colours within ninety degrees each side of your base colour will also be harmonies, while the colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel will be contrasts. So, you can easily see which colours will work together and which will off-set each other, using your favourite harmonising combination as your bedroom colour scheme.


The Whole Package

Whenever possible, choose curtains that match (or work well with) your duvet covers. A clear colour scheme or décor theme running through a bedroom instantly makes the décor look well thought-out and ‘put together’, rather than the hodge-podge effect that can happen when colour schemes are not carefully thought out or executed. The same principle applies when buying knick-knacks and other items for the room. Make sure, before you buy, that each piece will complement the rest of the room, all adding up to the peaceful haven that you are planning.

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  1. July 7, 2018 / 8:06 am

    We’ve gone for white everything. Furniture, walls and bed frame. I’ve always wanted a room to be a canvas and add with the curtains and bedding, makes it feel fresher!

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