Saving Memories with TimeSpring

I am such a sentimental person. It’s part of the reason why I blog; why I Instagram; why I vlog. It helps me store memories, able to relive them all over again. 2017-2018 has been a pretty significant year for me – Johnny and I moved in together, we styled our flat. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris twice, sunned myself in Majorca, continued with my university studies and, basically, had a really memorable year. I take lots of photos and make lots of videos but sometimes they just sit on your phone, never to be looked at again. Then I discovered TimeSpring.

Timespring is an app designed to help you and others relieve your favourite moments, by the use of time-released messages. That means I can send a message today, but can set it to any date in the future for Johnny to receive. I send him lots of “on this day” messages via TimeSpring, which he’ll receive in a year’s time to see what we were doing on this day in 2018. I’ve also set up messages to family members we don’t see that often to share pictures of our holidays and what we get up to – and I’ve got them on the hype too.

timespring app

For mums, I think it would be perfect too. You can set up profiles for your children and just add their email address when they’re old enough to use it. So, if in 5 years time you want to remind your 10 year old of the school play they were in, you can. Or if in 10 years, you want to remind your 5 year old of their sports day, you can do that too. I’ve set up messages to send to Johnny on the day we fly to DisneyWorld next year to wish him a happy holiday with lots of our pictures from Disneyland Paris, so we can see how far we’ve come.

Of course, Johnny and I don’t have children yet. But when we eventually do get there, and do have babies of our own, I definitely will be using TimeSpring to document all their firsts, which they can then receive when they are teenagers. I also use this app to send out birthday messages. I’m really forgetful, so I have everyone’s birthday messages for the next 2 years already set up. Now I feel totally organised and totally one step ahead.

The app itself is really easy to use. All your friends and family are displayed on a ‘wheel’. You just enter their email addresses and they can join up too – meaning you’re all able to send and receive messages. The interface is extremely user friendly so even your elderly grandmother could use it – mine does!

A moment that I have Time-Sprung is from last week, when my mum took Johnny and I up The Shard in London. You could see our house from the top of the shard, as well as lots of other fantastic landmarks and meaningful spots in London, which I want to cherish and remember forever. I’ve set it to send to my mum on her birthday in February – as a special ‘happy birthday’ message, reminding her of those amazing memories that we’ve made together this year.

I think TimeSpring is such a clever idea for an app and one that I’m going to be using for a really long time. As I mentioned, I’m extremely sentimental so apps like TimeSpring are perfect for me. I can’t wait to receive all the messages from ‘past Chloe’, as well as messages from all my family and friends.

If you’re interested in downloading TimeSpring, you can get it on the app store or on GooglePlay.

This post is sponsored by TimeSpring, but all thoughts are my own.

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