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Towards the end of last year, I really started to put on weight and my diet became ridiculously unhealthy. I did the So Shape Challenge last year and loved every second of how it made me feel: more energised, lighter, healthier! When they offered me to try the challenge again, I jumped at the chance – especially as this time I got to try their delicious Smart Granola alongside the already delicious flavoured range. 
 So Shape offer a range of healthy, low calorie meals which you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a variety of pasta dishes, risottos and soups designed to help you lose weight but mainly to keep you healthy. Each meal is packed with nutrients, protein etc. to keep your energy levels high and your bloating down. The meals come in adorable little packets meaning their easy to transport and become a delicious, nutritious meal by just adding hot water making them perfect for an office lunch or an easy dinner when you’re feeling a bit lazy.  For me, these were perfect to take to uni or take to work as a light lunch and great in the evenings after a long day when I didn’t feel like cooking and Johnny really enjoyed them too. The flavours I’ve been especially enjoying are mint choc chip and salted caramel.

For me, I’m not interested in being healthy for the weight-loss aspect (although that is an obvious bonus). I want to have a healthy diet so that I have more energy and not feel so tired all the time, to make sure I’m in the best shape possible so there’s less of a change of developing health issues and also to keep track of my mental health: a healthy body doesn’t always equal a healthy mind but it helps. Because So Shape prioritise health over weight loss and that’s why I keep going back to them when I feel like I need a little health kick.

On the side of sampling So Shape’s range of 19 gourmet flavours, I am also having extremely healthy breakfasts thanks to their new range of Smart Food. I tried the granola and I was really impressed! This granola is high in protein and fibre, but low in sugar and fat giving you the perfect start to the day. Smart Food (they also have pancakes!!!) is purchased as an add on to a challenge, or comes in a box of 7 products. But stay tuned… because they are launching all the Smart Food for individual sale this month! Currently you can buy 7 packs for £44.99 – that’s less than £1 per Smart Food serving! Not only do they have delicious breakfast items but they also do muffins in various flavours. When you’re craving something sweet, So Shape’s Smart Food is really just the smart option!

Thanks to So Shape, I’ve really made some positive, healthy advances in my lifestyle this month. I really love how it’s making me feel.  If you fancy taking on the So Shape Challenge yourself, you can use the code CUSTOMCHLOE to get 10% off 14 and 28 day challenges!

This post is sponsored by So Shape, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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