Christmas with Fragrance Direct – Perfume Gift Guide

daisy twinkle

I talked a lot on my blog last year about how I love giving the gift of fragrance at Christmas. Last year, I gave Johnny ‘Wow!’ by Joop and he loved it. When Fragrance Direct  got in touch and asked me to showcase the amazing perfumes they have on offer this year for Christmas, I jumped out of my chair with excitement. Not only do they have lots of perfume for men and women on their site for Christmas this year, they also have a new for 2018 section so you can give your family and friends the latest that the perfume industry has to offer. Fragrance Direct also offer 10% student discount and are planning a Black Friday sale, so they’re also a great site to buy from if you’re looking to save a few pennies – especially as they already offer the best prices for fragrance!

For Him – The Scent by Hugo Boss

‘The Scent’ by Hugo Boss is my men’s pick for this year. This scent is very nostaligic for me as it’s the aftershave Johnny used to wear when we first started dating, 3 years ago. He wore this on our first date and as we started dating in December, it also has a very Christmassy feeling to it as well. Boss describe it as an “irresistible fragrance” featuring notes of ginger, manika and leather. I know that Johnny will be really happy with this gift as not only is it a delicious smelling fragrance but it also has a nostalgia about it for us which makes it quite a romantic gift as well. I think the man in your life would love this one – and you can buy it on Fragrance Direct for £40.99 – bargain!

gucci bamboo

For Her – Gucci Bamboo

This is definitely a perfume my mum would love. I’ve never really had much experience with Gucci fragrances but ‘Bamboo’ is really lovely. It features notes of “Deep Sandalwood, heady Tahitian Vanilla, grey Amber, Casablanca Lily, feminine Orange Blossom and delicate Ylang Ylang” which make the fragrance uniquely feminine and the perfect gift for a classy woman in your life. This is definitely a heavier fragrance so it’s perfect for this time of year. The packaging is also gorgeous and very luxurious – it’s Gucci, what do you expect? – but the price tag on Fragrance Direct doesn’t reflect this… you can pick it up for just £39. I think this would make a fantastic gift as it’s a universal fragrance.


New for 2018 – Daisy Twinkle by Marc Jacobs

I am a huge fan of all the Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs – that’s right, I have all of them. I think they are all so lovely and while they all smell similar to one another, the subtle differences are enough to justify owning all of them. Daisy Twinkle is a beautiful take on the classic Daisy. It has notes of wild berries mixed with hints of violet leaves that make it a more wintery fragrance but it still has that Daisy freshness that I love. For me, this is the ultimate gift to myself. I also love the packaging of this fragrance – the purple colouring gives it such a unique presence on your dresser and this would make the perfect gift for a mum/sister/girlfriend/best friend who is fun and playful. And it’s a bargain on Fragrance Direct at just £39.95 for 50ml.

So there we go, those are my fragrance picks for Christmas 2018. Whether you’re looking to treat a family member or just treat yourself, Fragrance Direct have got you covered. The Christmas section of their site makes it extremely easy to shop for gifts, making fragrance shopping a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

This post has been sponsored by Fragrance Direct. All fragrances featured were gifted.

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