Kitchen Tech Review – Our New Microwave

panasonic mircrowave

Can you believe that Johnny and I had gone 18 months in our flat without a microwave? I know! I seriously don’t understand how we managed it. So, when reached out and asked if I wanted to review this 20 Litre Microwave With Grill by Panasonic, I just couldn’t say no.

As you may know, I’m not a really tech-y person at all. And, if you’re reading this blog, my guesses are you probably aren’t either. So, let me bore you with the technical details first. This microwave has the following features:20 litre capacity; 800 Watt power output; 5 power levels; efficient quartz grill quickly heats your dishes, and automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking. It has a whopping 4.9/5 stars on and it’s a steal at the RRP of £89 (although it is now on sale for £75!).

Our kitchen is very small so for me, size matters (Oi, you – get your mind out of the gutter!). Our slow cooker is only a little diddler because it’s all we have room for, and so it was essential any microwave we bought also had to be small as well. This microwave is only 25.8 x 44.3 x 34 cm, meaning that it’s perfect if you haven’t got a lot of counter space, like us.

And though she is small, she is fierce. I’ve used this to defrost meat, melt chocolate, reheat meals, warm up milk, make porridge etc etc, and it’s all done them effortlessly. The controls are really easy to use, are simple and are on a really stylish and chic due to the touch display. Even the beep it does when food is done isn’t annoying – okay, well maybe it is. We went so long without having a microwave that I simply forgot what a convenience they could be. Even just for things like softening butter before I bake something, it’s really become a game changer.

I find the grill function to be a nice touch but it’s not something we really use that much. If I’m going to grill something, I’ll just use the grill on the oven. But, as a general day-to-day microwave, I really find that this one is perfect and suits our needs in our little flat brilliantly, as it doesn’t take up too much counter space but still has the power that you’d want and expect from a microwave.

My mum had a microwave that lasted her 20 years, so hopefully I won’t be getting rid of this model until I’m 41. Here’s to hoping, anyway!

panasonic microwave

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