Chloe Alice Lily is a PR friendly blog, meaning I will be very happy to work with brands that fit the theme of my blog. If you think this could be your brand, feel free to email me for a media pack to learn more about my analytics and what my blog is all about. I currently (as of 21st of August 2017) have a Domain Authority of 18.

While I am new to working with brands, I am very confident at working to deadlines and producing quality content. I do not accept pre-written content, nor product promotions where I have to buy the product myself at a discounted price.

Email me at:

Here are some brands that I have worked with in the past!

I also do freelance writing!

I am a politics student and do dabble in political freelance writing – doing opinion pieces and such like. Below is an example of my work from

Being Young In Britain Is Weird Right Now

Feel free to contact me on the above email if you think I could add something to your site. I’m not exclusive to political articles, but that is what I am best at! I charge on a case-by-case basis, so do feel free to contact me for price negotiations and brainstorms!

Just a quick disclaimer!

All posts in collaboration with a brand will be marked with a disclaimed. If I claim sponsorship, this means that I have been paid by a brand to create this post, however all thoughts and opinions are all my own. I never post any content created by anyone other than me unless stated otherwise (ie. it is a guest post) and all photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Posts that include products gifted to me will also have disclaimers at the end. Posts with this disclaimer mean that I have not been paid for the post, however I was gifted the products and did not have to pay for them.

Some of my posts also contain affiliate links and the ‘Shop My Blog’ page is all affiliate links. If you use these links to buy products, I will get commission. However, as the law states, all affiliate links will be disclaimed at the end of the post.